Armstrong County Pennsylvania Arrest Warrant Criminal Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1199)Armstrong County Police Departments
Apollo Borough Police Department616 1st StreetApolloPA15613724-478-3091
Armstrong County Police Departments
Bethel Township Police Department3218 Ridge RoadFord CityPA16226724-763-1882
East Franklin Township Police Department106 Cherry Orchard AvenueKittanningPA16201724-543-1944
Elderton Borough Police Department211 South Lytle StreetEldertonPA16023724-354-3890
Ford City Police Department1000 4th AvenueFord CityPA16226724-763-9024
Freeport Borough Police Department414 Market StreetFreeportPA16229724-295-4897
Gilpin Township Police Department589 Pennsylvania 66LeechburgPA15656724-845-7979
Kiskiminetas Township Police Department930 Brownstown RoadApolloPA15613724-478-3357
Kiskiminetas Township Police Department1222 Old State RoadApolloPA15613724-478-3357
Kittanning Bureau Of Police300 South McKean StreetKittanningPA16201724-543-1538
Leechburg Borough Police Department260 Market StreetLeechburgPA15656724-842-8531
Manor Township Police Department306 Byron StreetFord CityPA16226724-763-9677
North Buffalo Township Police Department149 Mchadden RoadKittanningPA16201724-543-5035
Parks Township Police Department26 Jackson StreetVandergriftPA15690724-567-5525
Pennsylvania State Police - Kittanning184 Nolte DriveKittanningPA16201724-543-2011
Shaler Township Police Department300 South McKean StreetKittanningPA16201412-492-2222
South Buffalo Township Police Department384 Iron Bridge RoadFreeportPA16229724-295-0466
West Kittanning Borough Police Department229 Arthur StreetKittanningPA16201724-543-1118
Armstrong County Sheriff Department
Armstrong County Sheriff Office500 Market StreetKittanningPA16201724-548-3265
Armstrong County Probation Department
Armstrong County Probation Department500 Market StreetKittanningPA16201724-548-3491
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Warrant Records Are Crucial to the Criminal Justice System

What are Warrant Records? In a nutshell, a Warrant is an official court order permitting a person to be arrested for a crime. They are sometimes called ” Arrest warrants” or even ” Arrest warrants.” A Warrant can be based on several different types of evidence. Depending on the jurisdiction in which the Warrant was written, it may be based on anything from a traffic citation to a criminal complaint.

When a Warrant is issued, it informs the police that the person named in the warrant has committed a specific crime. If a person does not appear at their bail hearing, it gives police authority to arrest and hold that person in jail until their bail hearing. If the person fails to show up at their court date, the Warrant is renewed and becomes a fresh warrant. If a person violates the terms of their Warrant, they face additional charges. In some jurisdictions, failure to appear in court is considered an immediate criminal offense, regardless of whether the person actually has committed the crime.

The records are kept by the local police department or the county courthouse. It is important to have one’s criminal history Checked constantly, so that any violations can be dealt with as soon as possible. Conducting a simple criminal history Check can provide vital information on any person. This will help you to be aware if there are warrants out for your arrest or if you have been arrested on a previous occasion.

Why is it important to know about warrants? For one thing, these things do not make good public sense. If the government wants to keep tabs on people, why doesn’t it just find out the truth about a person and their criminal activity? The fact is, if the government does not want you to know about warrants, then they most certainly are not going to tell you. In some jurisdiction, you could be charged with a crime without knowing it. That’s why it is crucial that you have up-to-date and accurate information about any pending arrest warrants.

When a warrant is issued for a person, it gives the police authority to pick the person up at any time and to have access to all of the person’s property and arrest records. Without a warrant, it is easy to get a person’s property seized and to be held criminally responsible for whatever action was committed by that person. People who are innocent should not have to worry about this happening. Unfortunately, in some jurisdictions an innocent person can still be held criminally responsible for crimes that they did not commit. Therefore, people need to be aware of warrant information and always have it when they are questioned.

Warrant records can be extremely important to those who are involved in the criminal justice system. It is important for the police, the courts, the prosecutors and any witnesses to be able to cross-examine a person if there is any doubt about the person’s guilt or innocence. Having the person’s warrant records in front of them can be an enormous advantage to any criminal lawyer or any witness.