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(1555)Polk County Police Departments
Dallas Police Department187 Southeast Court StreetDallasOR97338503-831-3516
Polk County Police Departments
Independence Police Department555 South Main StreetIndependenceOR97351503-838-1214
Independence Police Department240 Monmouth StreetIndependenceOR97351503-838-1214
Monmouth Police Department238 Jackson Street EastMonmouthOR97361503-838-1109
Monmouth Police Department450 Pacific Highway WestMonmouthOR97361503-838-1109
Western Oregon University Dept Of Public Safety345 Monmouth Avenue NorthMonmouthOR97361
Polk County Sheriff Department
Polk County Sheriffs Office850 Main StreetDallasOR97338503-623-9251
Polk County Probation Department
Polk County Community Corrections689 Main StreetDallasOR97338503-623-5226
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The Process of Getting Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Polk County Oregon are maintained by the Oregon State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI). A person’s constitutional rights are protected under the United States Constitution and a person is entitled to an investigation when there is suspicion of a person’s involvement in some criminal activity. When the State police asks for consent or affirmation from an individual, or when a person is arrested for an alleged crime, they may look into your records and search for any warrants you might have in violation of your Fourth Amendment. Warrant records are used as part of the police’s investigation into crimes and if you are arrested for a crime, it is very important that you know what your warrant will be and what you are required to do when it is issued.

There can be many reasons that your warrant may have been issued. If a person is charged with a crime they will first need to be arrested. Some crimes require that the suspect surrender their rights to a speedy trial. Other crimes are more serious and do not require the surrender of rights. If the accused cannot come to court on their own, other options exist. The accused can be held in jail until a court date, or they can be held in jail until their trial date.

If you have been arrested for a crime and you don’t know if you have been arrested for a crime, or what crime you have been arrested for, then you can ask to see your records. To do this you will need the correct spelling of the person’s name and date of birth. You will also need the persons social security number. Then you will need to go down to the county courthouse. You must bring a form that states your intent to appear and that states that you are being investigated for a crime. You will need a notice of probable cause signed by a judge and you will need to be available to show the judge ID and evidence of your identification.

You must be at least twenty-one years old to obtain access to the records. If you are going to access a person’s records, then you will be required to give your name and address. You will also have to sign some paper in front of a notary public. If you are going to get a warrant, then you will not be allowed to go home until you pay the money for the warrant. If the person whose signature you are checking on has a previous warrant, then you will not be allowed to go home until you clear off the outstanding warrant, plus any money that was involved with the original warrant.

To obtain a record you need to follow these steps: If the person’s signature is not on the paper, then you cannot obtain the records. If you do not know the person’s signature, then call the police station where the person was arrested. Ask to speak with the clerk at the station. Then, ask the clerk again who would be able to look up the person’s records and obtain the information. After you obtain the information, print out the paper and have someone sign it saying that they were aware that the person had been arrested for a specific crime.

Then, go home and fill out an application stating that you need to get a warrant. Have the police officer fingerprint you so that there is a paper trail that proves your identity. After that, the court will give you a notice that will tell you if you can go home or face a warrant. Go back to the station and sign the paper again. Then, you will be given a receipt that will allow you to pick up the record and go home.