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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1759)Tillman County Police Departments
Ambulance Service-Grandfield223 Main StreetGrandfieldOK73546580-479-3133
Tillman County Police Departments
Frederick Police Department1200 South Main StreetFrederickOK73542580-335-7503
Frederick Police Department208 North Main StreetFrederickOK73542580-335-7503
Grandfield Police Department223 Main StreetGrandfieldOK73546580-479-3133
Tipton Police Department201 East Main StreetTiptonOK73570580-667-5625
Tillman County Sheriff Departments
Tillman County Law Enforcement1200 North Main StreetFrederickOK73542580-335-3013
Tillman County Sheriff's Office1200 South Main StreetFrederickOK73542580-335-3013
Tillman County Probation Department
Tillman County Probation Department200 North Main StreetFrederickOK73542580-335-2660
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Criminal and Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Tillman County, Oklahoma are considered public record. They are kept in a secure government facility that is accessible by anyone who needs it. All you have to do is fill out an application with the local police department and let them access the database so they can find out the person’s criminal past. There are specific requirements needed to access these records, such as residency, age and identity of the individual.

These records provide valuable information that can be used for many reasons. One reason is to find out if a person has a history of crime. This can help police departments determine if a person should be trusted with a sensitive case such as driving or other privileges. It is also useful in finding missing persons or people that have gone missing.

Warrant records will reveal if a person has been charged with a crime or with possessing drugs. This will also tell you if a person has ever been declared bankrupt, has had their driving privileges suspended or revoked and has had any outstanding traffic offenses. These criminal records will also show if a person has been arrested for any type of misdemeanor such as domestic violence or battery.

If you are suspicious about somebody, one of the first things you should do is look up their name in a search engine. What you will come up with is a list of hits. You may see hits that have happened in your neighborhood, your place of work or at your place of education. You do not know who the person is and you really do not know what kind of crime they have committed. This is where a person’s background comes into play.

Searching through the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation website will give you a lot more information. In fact, it will tell you a person’s criminal record and their civil history. This is great if you want to know a little bit about a person that you have just met. You do not have to hire an investigator. You can look up criminal and civil records on your own.

Warrant records are available for anybody in Oklahoma. If you want to be sure that a person is who they say they are, a background check is the easiest way to go about doing so. Even if you have only a very general idea of the person’s character, a criminal background check can help you make that decision.