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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1749)Payne County Police Departments
Cushing Police Department211 West Main StreetCushingOK74023918-225-1212
Payne County Police Departments
Cushing Police Department100 Judy Adams BoulevardCushingOK74023918-225-1212
Glencoe Police Department220 West Shepard StreetGlencoeOK74032580-669-2000
Oklahoma State University - Stillwater Police315 West 6th AvenueStillwaterOK74074405-744-6523
Perkins Police Department120 North Main StreetPerkinsOK74059405-547-2445
Ripley Police Department203 Morton AvenueRipleyOK74062918-372-4287
Stillwater Police Department701 South Lewis StreetStillwaterOK74074405-372-4171
Yale Police Department209 North Main StreetYaleOK74085918-387-2403
Payne County Sheriff Department
Payne County Sheriffs Office / Payne County Jail606 South Husband StreetStillwaterOK74074405-372-4522
Payne County FBI Offices
Stillwater Oklahoma FBI Office1339 South Western RoadStillwaterOK74074405-372-1645
Stillwater Oklahoma FBI Office123 West 7th AvenueStillwaterOK74074405-372-1645
Stillwater Oklahoma FBI Office424 Squires Landing BoulevardStillwaterOK74074405-372-1645
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Searching For Criminal Warrant Records

There is one place you do not want to look in your local Yellow Pages: Warrant Records in Payne County Oklahoma. Warrant Records are one of the most sensitive documents that law enforcement officers must document. This is because they list every single arrest made and each one’s subsequent criminal charges. While this information is incredibly valuable, it is also among the most sensitive documents that you will ever see in your life. Warrant Records are kept in three locations: in the county jail, in the court house, and at the Oklahoma Highway Patrol’s Traffic Division in Russell.

Warrant Records are basically all the criminal activity that has been performed by an individual while he or she was on probation or parole. They are a repository of arrests made by citizens or police officers. These arrest records contain the full name and address of the person involved; his booking photograph; his booking date; his crime; charges; criminal background information; and any other piece of information that might be related to the crime. The only information that is not contained in these records is the person’s phone number, if he has one, and the nature of his connection with the person arrested.

Obtaining a copy of a person’s criminal records is as easy as filling out an application. In most counties, there are different departments that deal in criminal activity; therefore, there are separate departments for warrant searches. Most police departments require that you contact them directly to schedule a background check. If you are not a police officer, you can still perform a search at any public library that offers criminal history records. All you need to have is identification (proof of age), a valid credit card, and at least $20.

Performing a search requires a nominal fee. If you are looking for an individual’s records for just a single crime, you may be able to find the information for free. Generally, however, if you are looking to search multiple records, you will be required to pay a fee. This fee may be minimal depending on the agency. However, it is still best to double-check, as some agencies offer free searches for certain categories of criminal activity.

There are two major reasons why someone would want to access warrant records. One reason is to check to see if an individual has been arrested for a crime; another is to verify information that they have provided while applying for employment. Someone may also look up a jail record to find out the status of their bail bonds. Regardless of the reason, it is imperative that you find the information quickly, before it is too late.

People who are serious about investigating someone’s background do not have to hire a private detective to do it for them. Today, it is as simple as searching for “warrant records.” They are widely available online and are always updated. You can expect to get all the information that you need within seconds, if not, immediately.