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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1688)Okfuskee County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Okfuskee County Sheriff Department / Okfuskee County Jail209 North 3rd StreetOkemahOK74859918-623-1122
Okfuskee County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Okfuskee County Sheriff's Office209 North 3rd StreetOkemahOK74859918-623-1122
Boley Police Department309 Pecan StreetBoleyOK74829918-667-3700
Okemah City Police Department502 West Broadway StreetOkemahOK74859918-623-1234
Weleetka Police Department816 Seminole AvenueWeleetkaOK74880405-786-2275
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The Use of Warrants and How it All Works

Warrant Records in Okfuskee County Oklahoma are public information and can be searched by anyone who is interested. These records have anything but the mundane details about a person’s date of birth or where they went to school. They reveal, for example, whether the individual committed a crime while using a particular identity, or if they had any previous incidents of crime in their background. If someone has been accused of a crime in another county, those records may not be available.

Some warrant records show the criminal activity of an individual while at the same time showing all felony charges against them. The same can be said for arrest warrants, which detail every detail pertaining to a person that was arrested for suspicion of crime. There are separate arrest warrants that pertain to a person that has just been arrested on suspicion of child molestation. This detail may not appear on normal warrants, but is still included on warrants for sex crimes.

Warrant records are used for a wide variety of reasons. Some employers hire new employees with a well-worded job application and without verifying a persons background. By checking the background of the person, the employer can be fairly confident that the person is not going to commit some sort of crime again, should they get a chance.

In some cases, the authorities perform a search of a person’s criminal activity for the purpose of catching a rogue agent. It could be that a person has committed crimes, but the authorities think that their time in jail or in prison is enough of a sentence for that person. In this case, they will perform a search to find out more about the person, to aid them in catching this person. This is also useful when a person wants to rent a home, or when they want to change a locksmith. They can find out if they have any prior criminal activity that would prevent them from getting a job or renting a home.

The use of warrants also extends into other areas as well. For instance, if you are an employer and you hire someone to work around your business, you might want to check to see if they have a criminal record. There could be the case where a new employee is helping around your business premises, but they are not actually employed by you. If you suspect them of doing something, you can find out about it by searching a person’s records. If you find something out, you may either end up letting this person work somewhere else, or having them go to jail.

There are many things that you can find out about a person through a warrant. You can perform a criminal records check, or look to see if they have any prior criminal activity. When performing a warrant search, you will need to have the correct name of the person involved, as well as the correct address. There may be circumstances where a warrant for a specific person has been issued, and you will not know until you search for their records.