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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1226)Atoka County Police Departments
Atoka Police Department315 East A StreetAtokaOK74525580-889-3250
Atoka County Police Departments
Atoka Police Department1002 West Liberty RoadAtokaOK74525580-889-3250
Caney Police Department203 North Cobb AvenueCaneyOK74533580-889-5510
Stringtown Police Department105 Pecan AvenueStringtownOK74525580-346-7200
Tushka Police Department101 Southeast 1st StreetAtokaOK74525580-889-3046
Atoka County Sheriff Department
Atoka County Sheriffs Department / Atoka County Jail200 East Court StreetAtokaOK74525580-889-2221
Atoka County Probation Department
Atoka County Probation Department116 East Court StreetAtokaOK74525580-889-3561
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How to Check For Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Atoka County Oklahoma are maintained by the courts, and are maintained on an annually basis. For warrants that were issued in Atoka County, they will be on file. When a warrant is issued out of state, or out of county, they will be forwarded to the clerk of court of the county where the warrant was issued. The clerk will then try to find the details of the warrant, and give the accused a notice of violation. If the accused does not show up for their court date, this will be serve to them within twenty-four hours. If the accused shows up and answers the charge, they will have to go to the Onondaga County Courthouse, and they will be fingerprinted, photographed, and put into booking.

Warrant Records in Atoka County contain a persons criminal history. These records will tell the courts if there are any outstanding warrants out for a person’s arrest. This can all be done from the comfort and privacy of your home. You can search these records online at any public library. These public libraries will give you access to information that is up-to-date, and that is 100% accurate.

If a person has been arrested for a DWI violation, they will most likely have to undergo a drug screen. If a person has been arrested for OWI (also known as driving under the influence) they will need to undergo an inpatient rehab facility in order to complete the drug screen. Once a person completes this, they will be required to post bond, pay fines, undergo DUI school, and jail time may be added to their sentence.

Warrant records in Atoka County will give a person the most current arrest information for a person. If someone has been arrested for a DWI violation, but no conviction has been found, they will still have a warrant out for their arrest. The warrant will state what crime occurred, when it happened, and the crime that the warrant was obtained for. If you are looking to hire a person to work in your home, you should know whether or not they are properly licensed, and have a copy of their warrant record before they begin working for you.

Anyone that is arrested for a DWI violation will most likely have their name placed on the sex offender’s registry. This will allow the person to be required to check in regularly with the probation officer. It will also place a notification in the local newspaper letting the public know that the person is a registered sexual offender. If the person has prior arrests, the judge may also require them to register as a sex offender, and keep a local website up to date with any new activities.

All warrants must be taken care of in the proper manner. Failure to do so can result in the arrest of that person for an additional offense. There are many reasons a warrant might be issued. If you are looking to hire someone to work in your home, or just want to find out if someone has an outstanding warrant, you can find out by searching online.