Trumbull County Ohio Arrest Warrant Criminal Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1775)Trumbull County Police Departments
Bazetta Police Department2671 Mc Cleary Jacoby RoadCortlandOH44410330-638-5503
Trumbull County Police Departments
Braceville Township Police800 Newton Falls Braceville RoadNewton FallsOH44444330-872-1136
Braceville Township Police780 Braceville Robinson Road NorthwestNewton FallsOH44444330-872-1136
Brookfield Township Police Department6844 Strimbu DriveBrookfield CenterOH44403330-448-6960
Champion Township Police Department149 Center Street EastWarrenOH44481330-847-9363
Cortland Police Department400 North High StreetCortlandOH44410330-638-1000
Fowler Township Police Department3362 Youngstown Kingsville RoadCortlandOH44410330-637-7111
Girard Police Department100 North Market StreetGirardOH44420330-545-0212
Hartford Township Police Department6901 Ohio 305FowlerOH44418330-772-6186
Hartford Twp Municipal Building6901 Highway 305FowlerOH44418330-772-6186
Howland Township Police Department169 Niles Cortland Road NortheastWarrenOH44484330-856-5555
Hubbard City Police Department233 School StreetHubbardOH44425330-534-1133
Hubbard Police Department33 West Liberty StreetHubbardOH44425330-534-1133
Hubbard Township Police DepartmentElmwood DriveHubbardOH44425330-534-8477
Johnston Township Police Department4420 Highway 5FarmdaleOH44417330-924-5105
Kinsman Township Police Department8070 Main StreetKinsmanOH44428330-876-7403
Liberty Township Police Department1315 Churchill Hubbard RoadYoungstownOH44505330-759-1511
Lordstown Police Department1583 Salt Springs RoadWarrenOH44481330-824-2545
Mcdonald Police Department451 Ohio AvenueMcDonaldOH44437330-530-5472
Newton Falls City Police Department19 North Canal StreetNewton FallsOH44444330-872-5758
Newton Township Police Department4410 Newton Falls Bailey RoadNewton FallsOH44444330-872-5757
Niles Police Department15 East State Street SoutheastNilesOH44446330-652-9944
Ohio State Highway Patrol - Warren Patrol Post - District 4 Headquarters3424 U.s. 422SouthingtonOH44470330-898-2311
Vienna Township Police Department843 Youngstown Kingsville RoadViennaOH44473330-856-4421
Warren City Police Department141 South Street SoutheastWarrenOH44483330-841-2536
Warren Police Department141 South Saint SoutheastWarrenOH44483330-841-2512
Warren Township Police Department3765 West Market StreetLeavittsburgOH44430330-898-5588
Weathersfield Township Police Department1451 Prospect StreetMineral RidgeOH44440330-652-6486
West Farmington Police Department251 4th StreetWest FarmingtonOH44491330-889-2558
West Farmington Village Hall251 4th StreetWest FarmingtonOH44491330-889-2558
Trumbull County Sheriff Department
Trumbull County Sheriffs Office / Trumbull County Jail150 High Street NorthwestGirardOH44420330-675-2508
Trumbull County Probation Department
Trumbull County Probation Department106 High Street NorthwestWarrenOH44481330-675-2531
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Searching For Warrants Online

If you need to find information about a person, you will want to check out what is called “Warrant Records.” These records are maintained by the courts all across Ohio and are available to people who look for them. When you see something like this occurring in your life, you should take note of it and contact the person involved with it. In some instances these records are public domain, but they are not always. You will want to find out before you do anything else if there is a fee or not.

What type of records does a Wardsville Court require? They are required to keep a copy of every order that is made in their court and this includes everything from bench warrants to marriage licenses. There are also several other types of records that can be searched such as birth, death, bankruptcy, driving and other criminal convictions. This information is also available on sex offenders. The only problem is that the information is not available for free and you will most likely need to pay to access it.

How do you access these records? You will need to contact the judge or the county where the person lives in order to request the court’s records. You may also be able to get them online at the courthouse in Trumbull County, Ohio. It will help to call the office of the clerk of court in the area of where the person lives and ask about it. They will be able to tell you how to access these online and also where to go to get them.

Why would you need to search for warrant records? When you consider what a warrant is, you might think that it is simply something that someone was arrested for and convicted of. However, there is more to it than that. A warrant can be for many different things depending upon where the arrest occurred and for how long. If you are suspicious of any type of behavior on the part of a person, you should consider checking to see if there is a warrant out for their arrest.

You will also want to consider if there are any warrants out for your own personal arrest. If you believe that a person is not being honest with you, there is a chance that they may have a warrant out for their own arrest. Even if they don’t have one, it never hurts to be safe than sorry. You don’t want to take any chances when it comes to your safety and well-being.

The first thing that you should do before attempting to search for warrants is to check the internet to see what you can find. There are plenty of different websites that will let you do a search right from your home. You will also find many different options for how to do the search. If you are having troubles deciding how to perform this search online, you can also hire a private investigator to do it for you.