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Antwerp Police Department118 North Main StreetAntwerpOH45813419-258-2627
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Grover Hill Police Department116 South Main StreetGrover HillOH45849419-587-3700
Haviland Police Department116 South Main StreetPauldingOH45879419-399-3791
Oakwood Police Department228 North 1st StreetOakwoodOH45873419-594-3352
Payne Police Department131 North Main StreetPayneOH45880419-263-2514
Scott Police Department12423 Blaine StreetScottOH45886419-622-5261
Paulding County Sheriff Department
Paulding County Sheriffs Office500 East Perry StreetPauldingOH45879419-399-3791
Paulding County Probation Department
Paulding County Probation Department103 East Perry StreetPauldingOH45879419-399-8287
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Perpetrator Search – Conducting A Free Online Warrant Records Check

Warrant Records in Paulding County Ohio are considered public information and can be freely obtained by the public. In the past, warrants were used as an alert to a law abiding citizen that there was a pending arrest for an outstanding warrant out their hands. If this person failed to show up on time to court, the police were notified and a warrant was issued for the person’s arrest. The person could then be held in jail until the warrant had been lifted.

Now that we have modern technology, we are rarely alerted by our neighbors or friends if there is a warrant out for their arrest. Most people just keep their eyes on the children while they are at work or run errands, but when the time comes when they come home and see that the person they were looking for is not home, then they panic and call the police to find out what has happened to their friend. By the time the person returns home, the police already know that the person did nothing wrong, and so the case is closed. However, it is important for the family to know the truth about an incident if it occurs because having a record of the criminal act can be extremely useful in a job interview, child custody battle, or any number of reasons.

Warrant Records in Paulding County Ohio include the name of the person who has been arrested, the crime they have committed, and the criminal acts associated with the person. This information can help an employer determine if a person has been wrongly accused or if there is probable cause to believe that the person is a dangerous person who may commit a crime again. It can also be very useful if a person’s civil rights were violated during an arrest.

Perpetrator Information is also available as part of a person’s criminal record. This portion of a person’s record lists all of the felonies, misdemeanors, and other charges that the person has been ordered to stand trial for. If a person has a clean record with no arrest warrants issued against them, then the Perpetrator Information section of their record will show the date and place of the alleged commission of the crime.

Warrant Records can also help a landlord determine whether a tenant is a good risk. In many cases, a landlord will run a background check on any prospective tenants. This includes looking at a person’s criminal history and other outstanding warrants. A landlord can also use this section to find out if a person has ever skipped out on rent. They can also see if they have a history of breaking other laws such as disturbing the peace.

By doing a comprehensive search online, you can find out a persons entire warrant records from a single source. You can learn the persons name, the crime they were arrested for, when the warrant was issued, where the warrant was served, and any other pertinent information. This can be very helpful in determining if someone is a good risk to have around in your home. Knowing this information from one source can help protect you and your family.