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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1623)Madison County Police Departments
London Police Department10 East 1st StreetLondonOH43140740-852-1414
Madison County Police Departments
London Police Department102 South Main StreetLondonOH43140
Mount Sterling Police Department1 South London StreetMount SterlingOH43143740-869-2211
Ohio State Highway Patrol - West Jefferson Patrol Post 491485 West Main StreetWest JeffersonOH43162614-879-7626
Plain City Police Department231 Friend StreetPlain CityOH43064614-873-2921
South Solon Police Department7120 North StreetSouth SolonOH43153937-883-2151
West Jefferson Police Department28 East Main StreetWest JeffersonOH43162614-879-7672
Madison County Sheriff Departments
Madison County Sheriff's Office23 West High StreetLondonOH43140740-852-1332
Madison County Sheriffs Office222 Garfield AvenueLondonOH43140740-852-1212
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How Can I Find Out If Someone Has a Warrant?

Warrant Records in Madison County Ohio

Warrant records are one of the most requested public records. This is so because warrants are one of the methods of law enforcement officials to control crime and maintain order in the community. If a person has been detained and served with a citation or arrest warrant, they can be served at their home or place of business. The person can then be searched without showing proof of identity or if they are in hiding to prevent an arrest for any criminal offense. Warrant records can contain much more than just criminal activity however.

In general, if there is a warrant out for your arrest, it means that a court has ordered that person to stand trial. In order to find out more about a warrant, you can request a copy of it through the clerk’s office of the county the person is accused of being involved in. If the person fails to show up at the scheduled court appearance, this will serve as a warrant for your arrest. However, many times people run away from police and it becomes impossible for them to be found. If the person is on probation or parole, it will remain secret and will not show up on their record.

Permits are another type of warrant that can be used by authorities. These warrants are used when a person does not follow specific laws and the police feel that the person is in violation of those laws. The police can then apply for a permit that will allow them to search and arrest the person who does not follow the law. With these permits, police officers are able to bypass the usual court processes in which they would have to go through in order to get a warrant for the person. Permits can also be renewed periodically, which makes it easier for police to search for a person.

Warrant records can be requested through various different methods. Many times, people will search for this type of information online. There are a few different websites that have access to this type of information. However, if you are trying to obtain this information on someone with anonymity, it is advised that you use a service that offers anonymous searches. This is because it is easy to link the person’s name to their whereabouts without their knowledge, which makes it nearly impossible for you to find out anything without their permission.

Warrant records can be used as a means of background check by employers or anyone else who needs to gain more information about a person. They can help prove whether or not a person is guilty of a crime that they might be accused of. It will help determine whether or not a person has stolen from a business or whether they are competent to drive a car. This type of information can help prevent serious accidents that may happen due to drunk driving.

If you are trying to obtain warrant records, there are many places where you can do this. Some of these places are local police departments, courts, and some federal agencies. All of these places have access to different types of warrant records, which will allow you to see the information that you need. With all of the information that you can receive, you can feel safe knowing that you are not putting your safety in the hands of someone who may not be telling you everything.