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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1522)Highland County Police Departments
Greenfield Police Department300 Jefferson StreetGreenfieldOH45123937-981-7777
Highland County Police Departments
Hillsboro Police Department128 West Walnut StreetHillsboroOH45133937-393-3411
Hillsboro Police DepartmentWest Walnut StreetHillsboroOH45133937-393-3411
Leesburg Police Department57 South Fairfield StreetLeesburgOH45135937-780-6735
Lynchburg Police Department155 South Main StreetLynchburgOH45142937-364-6659
Lynchburg Village Police Department440 South Main StreetLynchburgOH45142937-364-6659
Mowrystown Police Department50 Maple StreetMowrystownOH45155937-442-3815
Highland County Sheriff Department
Highland County Sheriff's Office130 Homestead DriveHillsboroOH45133937-393-1421
Highland County Probation Department
Highland County Probation Department117 East Main StreetHillsboroOH45133937-393-1802
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Highland County Criminal Records
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The Purpose of Warrant Records

The term “warrant” refers to any official, notarized document that provides evidence of a person’s guilt or liability in a court of law. In terms of warrants, one is either being sought or issued. They are a legal document that is used for various purposes, and in the state of Ohio, are classified as such under the state’s constitution. In general, warrants can be related to arrests or searches. For instance, if someone wanted to enter your home, they would be looking for either a valid warrant of entry or a search warrant.

All criminal activity in the state of Ohio is recorded within the judicial system by the county sheriff. If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, it will show on your public record. This means that if the authorities are looking to hire someone for a specific position within the community, they will be able to look at your records to see what you have been charged with. Warrant records are also a great way for employers to find out if a person has any prior arrests or criminal convictions.

However, what is actually found on these records is just an indication of the crime in question. The actual details of the charges are not contained on these documents. Rather, they are merely there to serve as proof that a crime has been committed, or to establish jurisdiction over the person in question. Because of this, warrants will often be listed with multiple names. For instance, there could be two different warrants for the same incident.

What’s even more interesting is that these documents do not have to be necessarily related to the person who was accused of the crime. They can also be for other people. If you are a suspect in a case but do not have any apparent record, you can request that a copy of the original court filings be sent to you. You can then check them online to see if anything comes up. If there are any documents regarding other people in the case, you may be able to use them to help your defense attorney build a stronger defense for you.

Warrant records are not simply a piece of paper. Although you may be able to access them online, they are in fact considered to be public record and can be freely viewed by anyone who requests them. They can be accessed directly by law enforcement officials as well as any court authorized individual. In addition, they are kept in state repositories which are accessed by any criminal justice agency when the individual in question has to do a background check. They are also available for free by many government agencies that offer a wide range of public services.

While it is true that obtaining a criminal record of a person may seem like something that you want to avoid, you should be aware that it is perfectly legal to do so. In some states, such as California, it is perfectly legal for an employer to obtain records of an applicant. In many states, a person can obtain a criminal background check, including a warrant check, without having to go through any kind of formal legal process. There are also many non-governmental agencies that allow individuals to obtain warrant reports if they know where they need to look. This service can be useful if you are someone who is interested in investigating the background history of someone that you have just started dating or know of an individual who may be dangerous. This is also a great way to check up on your children’s caretakers as there are numerous instances of child abuse where the parents have been accused of something without actually knowing it.