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(1385)Champaign County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Champaign County Sheriffs Office214 North Main StreetUrbanaOH43078937-652-1311
Champaign County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Mechanicsburg Police Department18 North Main StreetMechanicsburgOH43044937-834-2239
Saint Paris Police Department135 West Main StreetSt. ParisOH43072937-663-4468
Urbana Police Department205 South Main StreetUrbanaOH43078937-652-4350
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What Are Warrant Records?

” Warrant records contain information about a person’s Fourth Amendment rights. They are also called criminal justice records or court documents. In the typical case, the document shows a person’s arrest and booking record. Such warrants are issued by an issuing authority, which is either the circuit court, state court, or federal court.” Warrant Records in Champaign County Ohio are accessible through the Champaign County Clerk of Court, Room 4100, City Hall Building, located on Sibley Street, Champaign, IL.

These records can be used for many purposes, including conducting a background check on a potential employee, checking on the nanny or babysitter who will be leaving your child with you, checking on your teenage daughter’s new boyfriend, and so on. For the most part, this information is kept confidential and private, although sometimes someone is allowed to obtain such records after compelling a copy from the judicial records office of the county in question. In addition, certain types of crimes such as felonies and some drug crimes are not supposed to be reported to national databases.

The basic idea behind having a criminal history check, however, is to make sure that a person is not a danger. If a person has a prior criminal record, the courts typically require a formal written statement from the person stating the circumstances of the charges against him or her. This statement usually states the nature of the crime, any prior arrests and convictions, dates of any offenses, and other information pertaining to the person’s criminal past. Once the statement has been submitted, the person’s criminal history is made available to anyone who requests it. However, there is an exception to the rule regarding criminal background reports. If it would be in the best interest of the public to know more about a specific person, the courts have the right to withhold that information.

As far as the type of warrant records that are available, there are actually two types: judicial and administrative. Judicial warrants are usually obtained through a motion filed by a person claiming his or her rights of privacy. Administrative warrants, on the other hand, are orders of government officials that have to be executed in a court of law.

Warrant records may not always indicate the person’s criminal activity. They may simply be used to keep tabs on people who are thought to be potentially dangerous. A person with a record of child abuse, for example, may be prevented from handling small children. Government agencies and organizations such as the FBI rely on these criminal checks to ensure that they hire people who are not likely to harm others.

If you want to access the criminal records of a person, you can either go to the local police station where the offense occurred or you can file a request with the court. A local police department can often get your information within one day. On the other hand, if you want to view all warrant records, you will have to go to an online database. There are several online providers of such records, but it is always advisable to verify the company to make sure that you are getting authentic data.