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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1729)Wells County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Wells County Sheriffs Office700 Railway Street NorthFessendenND58438701-547-3211
Wells County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Fessenden Police Department602 Railway Street SouthFessendenND58438701-547-3836
Harvey Police Department120 8th Street WestHarveyND58341701-324-2225
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Warrant Records Are Easy to Find and Are Valuable

Warrant Records in Wells County North Dakota are kept by the local law enforcement agency. The warrants that are recorded and stored are there for the protection of the public. Anyone who is arrested for a crime needs to know that they themselves have a warrant out for their arrest. When the person does not show up for their court date the police can then search for the warrant and arrest that person.

Warrant Records in Wells County North Dakota

It is very important that when you are searching for criminal records that you have accurate information. You will not want to waste your time or money on inaccurate information. Having your warrant recorded will make it easier for you to get your day in court. If the case goes to trial you will want to have the correct information available for your attorney so they can present it in court. Having the right warrant can keep you from having any issues with the law.

There are two main parts of a warrant. The first part is the person’s name that is listed. This is what you are searching for when you go to an online site or enter a person’s name in Google. In some instances the person’s social security number or other identifying information can be used to obtain the criminal record as well as warrant information.

The second part of a criminal record is the crime the person has been accused of. This is usually done via an electronic search. This means the person’s name and other identifying information has been entered into a database and is linked together with the person’s actual crime. This search is also how searchable state and federal records are.

It is important to understand that you do not just have to search for a person’s name. You can also perform a more detailed search that will give you a lot of information. You will have to include the person’s address history as well as where they have lived in the past. You can also see if there were any warrants out for their arrest at any time during their life. You will also see if they have any outstanding traffic offenses on their record.

Once you have performed these warrant records searches you will be able to see all sorts of things about the person. You can find out their current residence as well as where they work and live. You will also learn about their family history, any financial debts, as well as any criminal activity they may have been involved in the past. If you find a warrant for a person, you can always contact the sheriff’s office and find out exactly what the situation is.