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Jamestown Police Department205 6th Street SoutheastJamestownND58401701-252-2414
North Dakota State Highway Patrol - Southeast Region - Jamestown205 6th Street SoutheastJamestownND58401701-251-6229
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Warrant Records in Stutsman County North Dakota are maintained by the sheriffs office for the protection of the public. In most instances, warrants are issued based on suspicion that a person has committed a crime. If you were to be arrested without probable cause, a warrant would be issued for your arrest because the police have no evidence against you. This can be a hassle, especially if you do not want to stand trial. Per state law, “A warrant of arrest shall be issued upon complaint of an individual against the said person if the presence of such person is probable that the said individual has committed a felony.”

States that require that warrants be issued by a court have different requirements for getting a record. If you have been arrested for a felony, then you must get a copy of the criminal complaint and any additional court documents required to prove your innocence. If you were arrested and your criminal record was sealed, then you may still be able to get a copy of the complaint and other documents, but you will have to go through the courts process again. In many cases, a warrant will be granted once the criminal charges are dropped, but you may be able to get a copy of the warrant after a trial.

To obtain a copy of a criminal record, you should either go directly to the police department where you were arrested or hire an attorney to petition the court that issued the warrant. There are differences between requesting a record from the police and an attorney. If you were arrested by the police, you should be able to get the paperwork from the department. If you hired an attorney, they will be able to petition the court and they will have to present evidence that you are innocent. This evidence may be in the form of expert testimony at a trial.

Warrant Records in Stutsman County are maintained by the sheriffs office and are obtained through a state department of Investigation request. The fee is very nominal and the records are quick and easy to obtain. The sheriffs office will only keep criminal history information on felony warrants for one year. The state department maintains these records for six years. The records will include a person’s name, address, sex, age, status of law, employer, and the crime they were charged with.

You can dispute an arrest warrant by filling out an affidavit stating any wrong doing by the person. It must be signed by an authorized officer and published in a legal publication. The affidavit needs to state the reason for the search and the identity of the person who conducted the warrant. A copy of the affidavit will be provided to the law enforcement agency that made the arrest. There is no limit on how many times a person can apply to have the warrant released.

In cases of mistaken arrest or divorce, the warrant will be canceled. If you do not find any record for a person, they are not legally permitted to have a record. If an individual has been convicted of a crime they cannot possess a criminal record, it is called a Class M Felony. They cannot even be tried with a criminal record. This means that if an individual is arrested for suspicion of a crime, they are not allowed to enter a courtroom with a record. The same rule applies if they are served with divorce papers.