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(1634)Slope County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Slope County Sheriff's OfficePO Box 485AmidonND58620701-879-6271
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Slope County Sheriffs Department206 Main StreetAmidonND58620701-879-6271
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Warrant Records in Slope County North Dakota are kept in a separate department of the courts. The best way to go about obtaining any public record is to first determine if it can be found in the public domain. This means that the court who created the records or the county where they were created keep them, and you can access them from this source. This is the easiest way to find out if something is available to you online.

Some warrants will have a more detailed information attached to them such as the person’s name, their address, and other such information. If you are having trouble locating these types of records, you may need to hire a private investigator or a professional company to get the information for you. There are several websites online that have access to public information; however, the quality of information and the timeliness of the information may not be up to par with what you would get for the small fee that some services demand. If you are in a legal matter and require this level of detail, it is best to hire a professional company.

There are several different resources online that can help you in your search for the most current information regarding warrant records. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the court who issued the warrant. They will be glad to assist you. These records are considered public information, and are therefore accessible to anyone. You can view the warrant in the public record book, but it will not tell you much more than that.

It is important to note that a warrant can only be used for a lawful purpose. A warrant must show probable cause that the person has committed a crime. This means that the person must actually commit the crime that the warrant was based on. If they do not have proof, a warrant may not be issued.

Warrant records are a great way to determine if you have someone at home that you do not know. It is also a great way to check up on your babysitter, and even to check up on your business partners. Many people believe that these documents are available to everyone for their own personal use, but they may be wrong.

Warrant records are available, and easy to obtain, but there are strict laws regarding their release. They are only available to law enforcement agencies. If you wish to have access to these records, you must apply for a legal access to them through the proper channels. To find out more information about these laws, contact your local courthouse or the county sheriff. They will be able to assist you on how to get these documents.