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Steele Police Department105 Broadway West AvenueSteeleND58482701-475-2700
Steele Police Department103 Broadway West AvenueSteeleND58482701-475-2700
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How to Find Out Someone’s Warrant Record

Warrant Records in Kidder County North Dakota

Warrant Records in Kidder County North Dakota are maintained by the Records Division of the Court of Claims, which is located in Rapid City. The office is located at 1004 Fifth Avenue South in Rapid City. In the Records Division, warrant searches are processed electronically through the Internet. Warrant records contain data such as the person’s name, address, and current status of the warrant. There are several types of warrants available; criminal, civil, arrest, bail, traffic, and some have other added features.

A person’s constitutional rights are protected by the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitutional and due process and equal protection under the law. Warrant searches must be done only by a judge, a state officer authorized by the state, or a federal officer authorized by the United States Department of Justice. Warrant searches must also be reasonable. For instance, if a person is suspected of breaking into someone else’s home or car, the warrant will be based on the person’s likelihood of entering illegally.

To perform a search, a person can either look up the warrant online or call the Records Division at the Parkville Police Department for an electronic or paper copy. Both options allow a person to see the details about the person they want to arrest or search. If there are additional details, the person can call the county sheriff or law enforcement agency for those details. Using the Internet to perform a search requires the person to provide a first and last name, age and race. A person can also type in a phrase such as “warrant record”. The system will then generate a copy of the record for you.

You may also be able to find a person’s record by contacting the police department for a person’s address. The person’s record may also be found on the National Sex Offender Registry. This registry contains a person’s personal information, including their name, address, and criminal history. If you contact the police department, they can direct you to the designated place to locate the person’s record.

Warrant records help identify people who have been involved in crimes. For example, if someone has been convicted of robbery, but they were under the influence of drugs, they will be listed as a drug dependent. However, if the person committed robberies because they were high on drugs, they will not be. There are different ways that warrant records are kept. Records are kept by the state in which the person was arrested or found.

Another option is to check with the local courthouse. Most courts will keep a person’s record in their database. The courthouse will either charge a small fee or give the person a special fee to access their records. However, the person’s record is not free because it will also include a warrant for their arrest.