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(1266)Billings County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Billings County Sheriffs Department495 4th StreetMedoraND58645701-623-4323
Billings County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Medora Police Department465 Pacific AvenueMedoraND58645701-623-4333
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How to Search For Warrants Online

There are different types of records that are included in Warrant Records. These include criminal records, legal records, driving records, public records and so on. This information is needed by the law enforcement agencies and other government agencies to keep them updated about a particular person. These records can help you in various ways. For instance, in Billings County North Dakota, if a person has a warrant for his or her arrest, the police will know this and would conduct all the necessary security measures.

In cases of murder, if there are indications of a person’s involvement in the killing, then the authorities can execute or make an arrest. If there is no arrest made, then this means that the person in question is free to go. But in any event, warrants are always a big help to the law enforcers as it lets them know who the person is without needing to make further investigation. This is especially useful when you want to execute or make arrests without having to take the person to court.

The best time to perform a search for warrants in Billings is before the scheduled courts in the morning. You need to do this because the courts do not release the records of a person until they are physically present and when the court is in session. The easiest way to perform a search is online through a state’s Record Finder. It is quick and easy and you do not even have to fax the records as most state record providers have a database system.

In most cases, the warrant will give you the right to search for the person in question. But the authorities might also issue a gag order or a restriction to prevent you from talking to anyone. In such instances, you need to talk to an attorney and get the details of the search. The attorney will tell you whether you are allowed to search and what kind of information you can get. Searching and getting the details of a warrant often requires the authorization of the Attorney General.

There are various kinds of warrants. The first is an arrest warrant which means that your neighbor or your child’s teacher may have been arrested. The warrant may be for either a misdemeanor or felony. The warrants are released by the judge on a date mentioned in the warrant.

A criminal arrest warrant means that there is a valid warrant out for your arrest. Such warrants are issued by the judge and are effective immediately. You can only get it yourself if you are present at the arrest and fail to reveal your identity. If you fail to comply, then the police will have all the reasons to arrest you will be fined or imprisoned for up to one year. A conviction will automatically make you a fugitive from justice.