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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1955)Scotland County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Scotland County Probation Department100 McKay StreetLaurinburgNC28352910-277-3290
Scotland County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Scotland County Sheriffs Department / Scotland County Jail212 Biggs StreetLaurinburgNC28352910-276-3385
Laurinburg Police Department303 West Church StreetLaurinburgNC28352910-276-3211
North Carolina State Highway Patrol Troop H District Ii - Substation1421 West BoulevardLaurinburgNC28352910-276-0177
Wagram Police Department24421 Marlboro StreetWagramNC28396910-369-2400
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What Is a Warrant Record?

Warrant Records in Scotland County North Carolina

Warrant Records in Scotland County North Carolina are similar to those of the United States. There are many variations between the two countries’ records. Here is a list of the variations:

-A warrant is not necessarily a legal process but it does mean that a person has been arrested and that an warrant may be exercised against him. This can happen when there is a violation of some traffic rule or if a person is suspected of having committed some crime. The violation may have involved any type of violence or breach of privacy. When there is probable cause to believe that a person committed a crime, he may be arrested without a warrant.

-A person may be arrested but has no warrant when there are violations of traffic rules at his place of work. If there are injuries that have been caused by him then his employer may choose to make the arrest. If there are investigations that are still being carried out, his name will be submitted to the court to get a warrant to secure the person. There may be times that a person’s name goes into the criminal records because of traffic offenses and this will only be done as a courtesy.

-A warrant can be made or granted by the court for any number of reasons. There could be regular warrants for some violations of the law and then a warrant for an arrest if they are serious. There could be warrants for the person who has disappeared or is a fugitive from justice. The warrants could also be made for any suspicions that a person may have. These are all very common and a person who wants to know about these can go online and find out information about them.

– Warrant records will also tell about the person’s criminal history. This includes all the convictions that the person may have had. Sometimes these records also contain information about the severity of the crimes the person may have committed. The more severe the crime, the more extensive the records will be. This is important for employers who are looking to hire someone.

People should know that a warrant will only be issued if there is reason to believe that the person has committed a crime. If a person does not have a record then there will be no record to keep on file. There is also no way for the person to get a free copy of a warrant. If a person tries to get a record it can take up to 10 years before the record will be available for viewing. A warrant can only be issued if there is good reason and after all payment for the records.