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(1895)McDowell County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Mcdowell County Sheriffs Department / Mcdowell County Jail593 Spaulding RoadMarionNC28752828-652-4000
McDowell County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
City Of Marion Police Department270 South Main StreetMarionNC28752828-652-3231
North Carolina State Highway Patrol Troop G District Ii3975 North Carolina 226MarionNC28752828-652-2181
Old Fort Police Department44 Catawba AvenueOld FortNC28762828-668-4244
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Knowing About Warrant Records Is Important

Warrant Records in McDowell County North Carolina are not as easy to find as you might think. I have found that the best place to look is online. I have used several search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) to try and find arrest warrants, but each time I did I was only able to find one article. So if you have tried this method and have not been successful then I suggest checking out our site. It’s fast, efficient, and most of all it works!

First of all we need to understand exactly what an arrest warrant is. In most states, a warrant is issued when a person is arrested for a crime. Usually you will see a picture of the person being arrested, or some other image. This is because they have now been charged with a crime, and it is important for the police to have any solid information about them to assure themselves of the commission of the crime. The warrant then provides authorities enough evidence to arrest the person and bring them to justice.

In instances where a person does not commit a crime, but is Arrested for one, the process becomes slightly different. After being Arrested the person may be taken to jail, and then a warrant will be written against them. This warrant will remain active until such time as the courts determine that the person is free to go. If the person fails to appear at their court date, the warrant will be executed. This warrant can only be renewed if the person’s court date happens to be before the next scheduled court date. It can also be renewed if the person fails to show up for one of their hearings.

An example of this would be a tenant who has been continuously paying rent but has failed to appear at their scheduled hearing. If they fail to show up for that hearing then the landlord will be able to renew the warrant. If the person were to appear at the hearing the judge would cancel the warrant. This is why it is so important to be aware of your rights when it comes to your rights regarding bail.

Warrant warrants are different than arrests. Arrests are considered legal proceedings in that they involve a crime that has been committed. Warrants on the other hand are considered violations. Warrants are what generally allow police officers to arrest a person.

There are many reasons why a warrant may be issued. A warrant can be issued for many different things. The most common reason for warrants is for failure to appear in court. These warrants can be very serious and can carry very heavy penalties if the person is caught violating them. There is nothing more serious than serving a warrant when you are attempting to do something lawful. Therefore it is imperative that you find out all you can about warrants so you are better prepared for when they arrive.