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(1894)Martin County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Martin Community College Campus Police1161 Kehukee Park RoadWilliamstonNC27892252-792-1521
Martin County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Martin County Probation Department118 West Main StreetWilliamstonNC27892252-792-3469
Martin County Sheriffs Department / Detention Center305 East Main StreetWilliamstonNC27892252-789-4500
Robersonville Police Department119 South Main StreetRobersonvilleNC27871252-795-4121
Williamston Police Department106 East Main StreetWilliamstonNC27892252-792-2124
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Warrant Records Are Searchable Online

You might have heard the term “warrant records” in your research for a previous article. They are typically the records that state a person committed a crime, has a restraining order taken out against them, or is being investigated for a crime. They can help you learn if a certain person is innocent or guilty of the crime he is accused of committing. In some cases, these documents also detail other information about a person such as his criminal history, aliases, schools attended and any other information related to his life. If this sounds like a great service to you, there is a place you can go to search for warrants or court documents in Martin County North Carolina.

warrants are basically legal documents issued by a judge allowing a law enforcement officer to track a person down if they are wanted on a warrant. It is not uncommon for someone with an outstanding warrant to not show up to court. This can be a huge problem for the people that are involved in a domestic violence situation, missing a few payments on their car or house, etc. warrant searches can provide peace of mind when you know there is a warrant out for your arrest. This can save you from a lot of unnecessary hassle, being taken away from your family, having your property searched, credit cards canceled, and many other things.

When a person is arrested and taken into custody, they are booked and then billed for their bond amount, bail amount, time they were supposed to be served, all the while their name is run through the system for future reference. By searching for information about a person’s record, you can find out what their bond amount was, how long they were supposed to be held, and their current bond amount. This can give you peace of mind when it comes to your family and your home. Knowing that you are protected and can trust your neighbors and employees.

Many times, there are warrant records that reveal other information about a person. For instance, some warrant records may reveal whether or not the person has ever been married, has been arrested for a crime, and more. You can even find out about other criminal records that the person may have. It does take a little bit of research but it is worth it so that you know if you are putting your loved ones at risk. It can be very frustrating to think that you trust someone but that they could be putting you in danger.

There are certain things to keep in mind when searching through a person’s warrant records. It is best to go through a person’s name and try to find the record that has been issued against them. If you are unable to find this record, it is a good idea to check to see if the person’s name appears on any databases online. Many people do not realize that if a person has an internet connection, they are pretty much guaranteed to have done something online. You want to be sure to have proof that the person you are suspicious of did indeed do something online.

Once you find any warrant records that you are interested in, you can then contact the court that issued the warrant. They will be glad to tell you what information you can expect to find on the person. The information will include their full name, where they were arrested, the crime they were accused of, and more. If you feel as though your loved one may be in danger, make sure that you take the time to search for any public records that may show that they are not safe.