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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1846)Graham County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Graham County Probation Department12 North Main StreetRobbinsvilleNC28771828-479-3538
Graham County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Graham County Sheriff's Office300 Rodney Orr BypassRobbinsvilleNC28771828-479-3352
Graham County Sheriffs Department45 South Main StreetRobbinsvilleNC28771828-479-3352
North Carolina Forestry Service1070 Massey Branch RoadRobbinsvilleNC28771828-479-6341
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Who Uses Search Warrant Records?

Warrant Records in Graham County North Carolina are important to anyone that is accused of any crime. In some instances they may be used to help identify possible suspects or victims. Warrant Records in Graham County contain a history of all warrants that were put into effect in the county, along with the reasons for their issuance. Permits to carry a concealed weapon are recorded as well as any juvenile arrests and charges. All felony arrests and charges are documented in detail.

Searching through warrants can lead to many details about an individual’s past. Permits alone will not show if an individual has been arrested or convicted of a crime. The records will also provide information about prior arrests and convictions. People searching for these records will most likely be doing so because they are interested in the possibility of a friend or relative having been arrested or convicted of a crime. This may lead to an elderly relative being able to live in safety. Searching through the records can also provide a peace of mind to people that have an individual under surveillance, such as employers looking to hire a new employee or landlords looking to place a new tenant into the property.

People that want to search for warrants will need to know whether they are for a criminal or non-criminal issue. warrants for arrests must be supported by a Warrant of Apprehension. A warrant of apprehension is issued by a judge based on the fact that a person was suspected of committing a crime that was not committed. A person does not have to be charged with a crime in order to have a warrant issued.

Searching through warrant records will turn up any warrants for arrests. If an individual has a warrant out for their arrest, they can be arrested without having the warrant served to them. In other words, the police can arrest the person and then immediately let them go. It is not uncommon for a person who is on a wanted list or wanted for questioning to be turned over to the police without any notification to the person.

Warrant records can contain a person’s entire criminal history. This includes all charges as well as the findings and evidence used to bring those charges to court. These records can sometimes be very detailed. People who are accused of a crime but do not have a criminal record will still have records stored in the system. People who have been accused of crimes but not yet tried can have their records in the system, as well.

Warrant records can make it very easy to find out if a person is innocent or guilty of the crime. If a person’s record shows no criminal activity, there may be no warrant records in the system. However, if a person’s records indicate a pending case against them, a warrant will most likely be in the system. Anyone who wants to avoid being a target of such a search can avoid making any contact with the person in question.