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Conducting Warrants Records Search

If you are a person who is in need of some background check on an individual then you may want to look into searching through the hundreds of Warrant Records in Gates County North Carolina. These records will give you insight into a persons criminal past, if they have been convicted of any crimes and more. Performing a search of this type is extremely beneficial in finding out if someone living next door has a criminal past. It can be really scary when you find out someone has been married and divorced three times. This can give you a good feeling about your neighbor and whether or not they are safe to live next door to.

Warrant Records in Gates County are available to anyone who asks for them. You will need to go to your local courthouse to make an appointment for a free criminal records search. You will have to fill out an application which will require you to provide your name, social security number, date of birth and address. The person’s name and current address will be cross verified so that all information is accurate. After this is all done, you will simply drop off your completed application to the person at the door.

Once you have made an appointment, you will show up at the door with your completed application. Once you do you will be immediately ushered in front of the person conducting the search. If you do not wish to have the person search your face you can ask them to search without performing a criminal background check. The person will ask you to simply look into the person’s name and give their social security number.

The results from the criminal history search will reveal any warrants that have been filed against the person. A search also includes information on prior arrests and any other court records that may have come up in an investigation. You will get the name, address and the crime that the person has been charged with. If there was a judgment issued against the person, the case numbers and dates will also be provided. If you are looking for a current warrant, you can get this information as well.

It is important to note that you will need to provide the same information for each warrant search. This means that if you only want to look at one person’s name, you will have to provide only that person’s name. If you want to look into multiple people’s names, you will have to provide all of the information that pertains to each person.

Warrant records are available for anyone who is willing to perform a criminal background check. There are no fees involved, and the information provided by these searches is completely legal and accurate. If you are suspicious about the person in charge of a vehicle, looking at these records will let you have some peace of mind.