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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1837)Davidson County Police Departments
Davidson County Community College Security297 Davidson Community College RoadThomasvilleNC27360336-249-8186
Davidson County Police Departments
City Of Denton Police Department101 West Newsom AvenueDentonNC27239336-859-2164
City Of Thomasville Police Department7 West Guilford StreetThomasvilleNC27360336-475-4260
Lexington Police Department106 North Main StreetLexingtonNC27292336-243-2489
North Carolina State Highway Patrol Troop E District I2314 South Main StreetLexingtonNC27292336-249-0247
Davidson County Sheriff Department
Davidson County Sheriffs Department / Detention Center110 West Center StreetLexingtonNC27292336-242-2100
Davidson County Probation Department
Davidson County Probation Department106 Alma Owens DriveLexingtonNC27292336-249-6166
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How to Search For Warrants

Warrant Records in Davidson County North Carolina are kept by the county, and are available to any law enforcement authority upon request. These records include all felony and misdemeanor charges, all warrants for arrests and all arrest warrants that have been issued under your case. This information is also provided to employers, schools, landlords and anyone else who might need to access such records to find out more about an individual. The information in these documents can be very useful when you are doing background checks on people, as they are cross-checked against their criminal history.

In many cases, these arrest warrants will be used by law enforcement agencies to find a person or prevent a crime from being committed. For example, if you are a parent with teenagers, it is often recommended that you enroll your children in a boot camp or other program so that they cannot get out and hurt themselves. However, there may be instances when you cannot prevent a teen from hurting another person, and in this situation you will need to take a look at a person’s criminal history. You will then be able to see if they have a prior record of violence.

The reason why someone may have a warrant is because they have not paid their outstanding fines or tax bills. This could happen if you let your child skip town and do not pick them up. Also, you can apply for a warrant for someone by simply showing them some type of proof that you are the rightful owner of a certain property. If you know where your property is, and you have proof that you are the rightful owner, you can easily apply for a warrant for that person. These warrant records will contain much more detailed information than just the person’s name, so you may actually be able to find out more information about them before hiring them to work for you.

Warrant Records in Davidson County contain all the same information that you would find in a typical police report. It will contain a persons full name, date of birth, social security number, previous addresses and employment history. It may also contain some other things as well such as their location, place of employment, the telephone number that they use and how many vehicles they own. These records are available to the public if the person has requested it. However, if you are looking to hire somebody then you must be very careful of who you choose. You must always check to make sure that the person you want to hire has a clean record.

In some instances, you can also check to see if a person has a warrant issued against them. To do this, you will need to contact the Davidson County Records Department. They will be able to tell you if the person you want to look up has a warrant or not. Usually, these searches will cost you a fee. You will not be able to get the information you are looking for free, so it is probably a good idea to pay the small fee to get the information. However, the fee is only a small fraction of what you will spend if the person you are looking up has a warrant issued against them.

If the person you are trying to search for a warrant against has one then you should call the sheriff’s department and talk to an investigator. Then you can have the person come into the office and you can have their records found. If the person does not have a warrant issued against them then you will still be able to find out their information. Usually, you can find out the persons criminal background history, the residence of the person, their employment history and other pertinent information with just one search. However, you must be very careful because there are many fake websites that will promise to let you know everything but in fact never deliver.