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Currituck County Probation Department2801 Caratoke HighwayCurrituckNC27929252-232-3418
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Currituck County Sheriffs Office407 Maple RoadMapleNC27956252-453-8204
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Performing A Criminal Background Check Online

In Currituck County North Carolina there are many different types of public records available to the public. These records include but are not limited to criminal, arrest warrant, civil, driving and other traffic infractions records. Some warrants may be outstanding while others have been executed. When you try to do a search in one of these locations you may encounter the word ‘warrant’ or ‘warrant record’.

What is a warrant? A warrant is when there is reason to believe that a person may be involved in an illegal act. This warrant can be based on any grounds such as failure to appear at a court date, first-degree murder, first-degree theft, second-degree murder, manslaughter, sex crimes, assaults and several other crime types. These warrants are issued by a judge based on the police findings and testimony at the preliminary hearing. If a person fails to appear as ordered, their warrant will be carried over until they show up.

Arrest warrant records are one type of public records that people need to be aware of. An arrest warrant records is an official court order that authorizes any law enforcement officer to arrest any person for any crime that they have committed. These records are accessible through local police departments, correctional facilities and other judicial branches. Once you find an arrest warrant record you need to contact the police so that they can carry out your arrest.

When performing a background search on a person you are looking to search for criminal records, whether they are an individual, employee, neighbor or student you need to access correct and current information. There are many reasons why you would need to get this type of records on a person. Searching for criminal background information is one way that employers use to screen their job candidates, neighbors who may be potential drug suppliers or people who may have a history of violence or other criminal acts.

When performing a search on a person you will need to know their full name, date of birth and social security number. By entering these details into a search engine you can narrow down the results to the ones that you require. You can then view each record to get all the information that you require such as offence, date of birth, aliases and much more. If you require more information you can even go through the paper work to see if there is any false information that has been put on the records. If this is the case then you may have to pay a small fee for them to clear the records.

Arrest warrant records are one of the most commonly used public records and they are available to anyone who performs a search. There is a wide range of websites on the Internet today that offer access to these records. However, since these records are considered criminal records it is important that you only use reputable services. By using a reputable website you can be certain that the information you are provided with is accurate and up to date.