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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1787)Catawba County Police Departments
Catawba Police Department107 South Main StreetCatawbaNC28609828-241-4888
Catawba County Police Departments
Brookford Police Department1700 South Center StreetHickoryNC28602828-322-4903
City Of Hickory Police Department347 2nd Avenue SouthwestHickoryNC28602828-328-5551
Claremont Police Department3301 East Main StreetClaremontNC28610828-459-9295
Conover Police Department115 2nd Avenue NortheastConoverNC28613828-464-4698
Long View Police Department2404 1st Avenue SouthwestHickoryNC28602828-327-2343
Long View Public Safety2404 1st Avenue SouthwestHickoryNC28602828-327-2343
Maiden Police Department201 West Main StreetMaidenNC28650828-428-5005
Newton City Police Department411 North College AvenueNewtonNC28658828-465-7430
North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement District 7 Station3305 16th Avenue SoutheastConoverNC28613828-466-5550
North Carolina Bureau Of Investigation - Hickory Office1060 Zion Church RoadHickoryNC28602828-294-2226
North Carolina State Highway Patrol Troop F - Headquarters1033 Smyre Farm RoadNewtonNC28658828-466-5504
North Carolina State Highway Patrol Troop F District VU.s. 70NewtonNC28613828-466-5528
Catawba County Sheriff Departments
Catawba County Sheriffs Office / Catawba County Jail100 Southwest BoulevardNewtonNC28658828-464-5241
Lincoln County Sheriffs Department - Charlie Office2483 North Carolina Highway 16NewtonNC28658704-483-7084
Catawba County FBI Office
Hickory North Carolina FBI Office231 Government Avenue SouthwestHickoryNC28602828-322-8513
Catawba County Probation Department
Catawba County Probation Department100 Southwest BoulevardNewtonNC28658828-466-5653
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Warrant Records and Criminal Background Checks

Warrant Records in Catawba County North Carolina are public records and they provide an individual with a full summary of any warrants or judgments that have been issued against a person. If you are being investigated for any type of felony, you will most likely be placed under arrest by a warrant. This means that you will be taken into custody and taken before a judge to face the charges that are laid against you. Your right to an attorney is not affected in any way when you are placed under arrest because the warrant was not actually filed with the court when the arrest was made. If you were arrested without having your warrant, then the state or county where the arrest was made can simply say that there was no warrant and this is enough for them to legally detain you without any type of hearing, jury trial, or anything else that would normally happen with someone who has been arrested without a warrant.

Warrant Records in North Carolina are available to anyone who needs to view them at any time. If you are ever stopped while driving in North Carolina, then a sheriff will be able to show you their records to prove that you were not driving while intoxicated. These records can sometimes include a copy of the original warrant that was issued in another state, but they will also show any arrests or judgments that have been made against the person in question. If you are ever accused of a crime in any state in the United States, then you may have to go through a background check with the police before you are allowed to go into a courtroom.

Any time that a person is arrested for a crime that is not his own, he will most likely be placed under a watchful eye and his constitutional rights will be severely limited. The reason that warrants are carried out in certain situations is so that people who are thought to be potentially dangerous can be monitored without any harm coming to the person who is thought to be the potential danger. If there is an instance where a person is suspected of a crime, then he can be arrested without even taking a stand on it or knowing anything about it. In these instances, having a warrant issued can be used as evidence against the suspect in court.

Warrant records will not only show when someone has been arrested but they will also tell you about any other criminal record that the person may have had. They will show if a person has any priors, whether they have ever been convicted of a crime or violation, and will even tell you what the crime was. In some cases, people can have multiple warrants out against them at the same time, which can make it very hard to conduct a job or rental. The fact that a person has more than one warrant can mean that they were charged with multiple crimes at the same time and that the law considers them to be a continuing danger.

Having an outstanding warrant can be detrimental to your life, especially if you are ever involved in any type of legal situation. When you are looking to get a copy of a warrant, the best place to turn is the local police station. Although the local station may not be able to give you all of the information that you need, it should be able to give you some information about the person that the warrant is for. Most of the time, a warrant will show up on a person’s driving record, but sometimes it will also show up in court records. All you have to do is ask the person that you are investigating about their warrant records to see if there are any that they are hiding.

You might think that you would be safe just by asking the person if they had a warrant, but you should also consider the fact that people can lie about having a criminal record. Therefore, you should also check to see if a warrant shows up in any criminal databases that you can access online. By checking the person’s criminal records, you can quickly and easily confirm whether they have a warrant or not.