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Warrant Records – The Ins and Outs

Warrant records in Powell County are maintained by the Montana State Police and are considered public record. These documents list the person or persons charged with an outstanding warrant for breaking a state law or for resisting arrest. Warrant searches are executed when a person’s rights to freedom and privacy are infringed upon.

Anyone can request their warrant records in any county that they are suspected of having committed a crime. If you have a person’s name in their history that matches a warrant, they can be requested. In some cases, they will be asked to provide you with a formal request for information. You can also request information on a warrant if you have reason to believe that the person is violating your state’s laws at the present time.

The general public has the right to view these records. In addition, the courts can make them public. You have the right to request access to all warrant information in the state and county. In some situations, specific states will only allow warrant searches in specific county locations. A local law will determine how wide access to these records is. Some laws are designed to keep these records confidential, while other laws give leeway for access to the records.

If a person fails to disclose their identity when requesting a search, it is still possible for them to obtain records on that person. However, failure to disclose a person’s identity will not necessarily lead to a warrant being issued. This information can be used to find a person if there is reasonable suspicion to do so. For instance, law enforcement would search for a warrant for a person accused of tax evasion if they knew the person did not own a vehicle.

When requesting a copy of a person’s criminal history or warrant, it is wise to know whether it will be publicly available or confidential. If it is public record, you are obligated to obtain it through the proper channels. If it is confidential, you may choose whether or not to release it. There are laws that protect certain records, such as marriage and divorce records. If it is pertinent to the case at hand, you may prefer not to share it with media unless it can be verified by your attorney.

Warrant records are only one piece of information that is considered inadmissible during a criminal trial. Criminal charges are based on probable cause, which means there must be a connection between the person accused of the crime. Without evidence linking the two, a court cannot legally hold a person legally responsible for the crime. Because of this, many times a person can be accused of crimes without a crime being committed.