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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2212)Gallatin County Police Departments
Belgrade Police Department91 East Central AvenueBelgradeMT59714406-388-4262
Gallatin County Police Departments
Bozeman Police Department615 South 16th AvenueBozemanMT59715406-582-2000
Manhattan Police Department120 West Main StreetManhattanMT59741406-284-6630
Montana Highway Patrol District 7 - Belgrade Office91 East Central AvenueBelgradeMT59714406-388-3190
Montana State University - Bozeman Police1750 South 7th AvenueBozemanMT59715406-994-2121
Three Forks City Marshall607 South Main StreetThree ForksMT59752406-285-3750
Three Forks Marshal Office607 South Main StreetThree ForksMT59752406-285-3750
West Yellowstone Police Department124 Yellowstone AvenueWest YellowstoneMT59758406-646-7600
Gallatin County Sheriff Department
Gallatin County Sheriffs Office615 South 16th AvenueBozemanMT59715406-582-2100
Gallatin County FBI Office
Bozeman Montana FBI Office1902 West Dickerson StreetBozemanMT59718406-994-0927
Gallatin County Probation Department
Gallatin County Probation Department615 South 16th AvenueBozemanMT59715406-582-2180
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Warrant Records Are Important to Protect Your Rights

Warrants are one of the most requested public records and are considered to be the foundation of public criminal history. Each state and even each county in Montana, has their own rules and regulations that governs their retention and destruction of the same. Warrant records are the first step towards any investigation into a person’s background. While warrants can sometimes be called for by investigative agencies as a means of providing the courts with additional information about a person, they are not used in this manner by every agency. Warrant records in Gallatin County are maintained by the Circuit Court of Montana.

By requesting information regarding the existence, location, issuance, authorized date, and details of any arrest made under any possible names, a person can access an up to date and comprehensive history on that person. Such information is available to any person who requests it though court offices or law enforcement agencies. Warrant records contain basic information such as name, current address, date of birth, social security number and date of arrest or confinement. Some information may also be provided regarding prior felonies or minor offenses.

When searching for a warrant, one should not stop at the local courthouse but rather search all local courthouses as well as those federal courthouses. If the person arrested has an outstanding traffic citation, state records are available there as well. Sometimes a person will only need to obtain an arrest warrant to be arrested. Under certain circumstances such as missing work or failing to appear at mandatory court appearances, warrants can be issued for other infractions. If this occurs, the warrant will be carried out by the local law enforcement agency.

Warrant records are not only limited to federal or state level arrest warrants. A warrant can be applied for by a person that has been named in a civil lawsuit. Many individuals falsely believe that if they have been named in a lawsuit, this makes them targets for any and all police searches and arrests. It is important to realize that if a person’s name appears on a lawsuit or criminal complaint, this does not mean that they are being targeted for any crime. As long as the person has provided complete and accurate information, they will not be searched or arrested.

When searching for warrant records, it is important to realize that some of the information that is contained within these documents may be protected. These warrant documents must be obtained from the courts and must be certified. These warrants are filed in the name of the person whose warrant is being sought. Therefore, when requesting these documents, the person whose record is being searched must supply the correct legal name in order to avoid having their warrant processed.

Warrant searches are conducted for many reasons such as verifying attendance at court proceeding, investigating possible violations of laws such as hate crimes, or catching a cheating spouse. In some instances, an individual may be conducting business and someone else may be stealing from them or they could be trying to hide from their ex. No matter what the reason, a warrant will be issued for any and all information that is listed in the paperwork. People with warrants are usually wanted on outstanding warrants and can face jail time if they are caught.