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Worth County Sheriffs Office11 West 4th StreetGrant CityMO64456660-564-2222
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Grant City Police Department101 West 3rd StreetGrant CityMO64456660-564-3369
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Warrant Records – Get the Details Right From the Start

Warrant Records in Worth County, Missouri are available to the public. This information is kept in separate counties that are responsible for maintaining these public records. Each county keeps its own list of arrests and warrants which are then published on their respective county’s website. This allows individuals and organizations to obtain these records and do background checks. Performing a background check on anyone can give you the information you need to determine if they are worthy of trusting them with your children, finances, or other personal belongings.

If you would like to perform a criminal background check, there are specific procedures you must follow to get this information. First, you will need to locate the exact name of the individual or persons you are performing the search on. You can do this by either typing the persons full name into any major search engine such as Google, MSN, or Yahoo! You can also locate the person’s record by entering in their full name with quotation marks followed by their location. You will then be given a list of records related to the individual. These records may include any warrants they were arrested for, pending charges against them, or even court records of any type.

It is important to keep in mind that although these criminal records are public record, you may not be able to get much information about the warrant. For instance, you will not likely be able to tell if it was issued out of jail or if it was just pulled by a court order. It is also important to keep in mind that just because the person has a warrant doesn’t mean they are actually in custody and therefore you may be unable to see any details pertaining to the warrant. The only detail you should have is the persons full name. This way you can find out more about the person.

There are different levels of warrants. A simple warrant is when the police write a warrant to obtain some information about the possessor of the item. These warrants can be for anything from asset tracing, to bail searches. Other warrants can be for outstanding arrest warrants. This basically means if they are on someone’s court record and have a warrant out for their arrest. Other things that will count as a warrant are if you are aware they have a outstanding warrant out for their arrest, if you have seen them with a court order to take them to court, if you have heard their bail amount or if they have ever been arrested before.

It is not uncommon for people to unwittingly get themselves a criminal warrant. If you know that a person has a warrant out for their arrest but have no idea where it is or what the details of the warrant are, you should contact the sheriff in the county where the person lives. Ask them what their procedures are regarding warrants. They will then be able to inform you of the specifics. It may be possible that this person can offer you some other useful details, such as address information or phone numbers.

Remember that getting detailed warrant records is not always free. Most counties have fees for access to these documents, and some may charge for access to multiple counties. In some instances, these fees are not refundable and will have to be paid separately. If you need access to warrant records of someone who has a prior criminal background, you will need to cover the costs yourself. These details are not hard to find and are available to you for under a hundred dollars each year.