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Warrant Records Are Available to the Public

Warrant Records are a part of public records and are maintained by the local government. It is the responsibility of the courts and law enforcement agencies to keep these records up-to-date. These records include all warrants that have been issued as well as any criminal charges that have been filed against an individual. These records have been compiled into databases that are accessible through the internet. The purpose of this type of record is for people to find if they have any warrants out for their arrest.

An arrest warrant is an official order from a judge that states that a person has committed a crime against the jurisdiction. When this is written, it is usually referred to as a bench warrant. If the person fails to appear in court on the scheduled hearing date, the warrant will be carried out. This means that the person’s Fourth Amendment rights will be violated and they will be arrested.

A criminal record is available to any citizen who wishes to look into the warrant. It can be requested from the county courthouse or police station where the warrant was issued. It is also possible to get this information online. Many websites have online resources that allow a person to look up a person’s criminal record. This information includes minor crimes like vandalism and shoplifting and felonies such as rape and murder.

Warrant records can be used in many ways. When a person is arrested for any of the above listed offenses, they may have their name, date of birth, charges and criminal history added into a national database. This is known as a repository of records. This can help employers, landlords and potential dating partners.

A background check is one way to utilize the information found from a national database. Any person can search an individuals records to see if they have a criminal record. This is important when finding an babysitter and can protect you and your family. Background checks can give you the information on a person’s past and what they have been involved with. It is possible to learn if someone has ever been to jail or had any jail time. It is also possible to find out if they have any outstanding warrants out for their arrest.

If you are looking for information on a person, a search engine will work and will provide information on warrant records as well as background reports. There is even a free public records search. You should only use this option if the person you want to search has been in a situation that you know they might have been in. If not, then you need to pay the fee the police department or county office provides to access the public records.