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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(535)Lamar County Police Departments
Lumberton Police Department102 East Main AvenueLumbertonMS39455601-796-7002
Lamar County Police Departments
Purvis Police Department136 Shelby Speights DrivePurvisMS39475601-794-6512
Sumrall Police Department4880 Mississippi 589SumrallMS39482601-758-3531
Lamar County Sheriff Department
Lamar County Sheriffs Department / Lamar County Jail205 Main StreetPurvisMS39475601-794-1005
Lamar County FBI Office
Hattiesburg Mississippi FBI Office6635 US Highway 98HattiesburgMS39402601-579-8436
Lamar County Probation Department
Lamar County Probation Department302 Main StreetPurvisMS39475601-794-5567
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Basic Details About Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Lamar County, Mississippi fall under one of two categories; criminal and civil. A criminal warrant refers to a court order or legal process that forces a person to attend an indeterminate proceeding. A civil warrant is a court order that forces a person to answer a question or produce proof that they are not guilty of the crime in question. Examples of warrants include traffic citations, drug possession charges and more. Anyone can get a warrant for any type of crime as long as the evidence shows that it was committed by that person and the suspect was subsequently convicted of the crime.

To conduct a search for a criminal or civil warrant, one can either visit the courthouse directly or hire an attorney. One can also do an online search at various agencies such as the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) on the internet. When doing a search online, one must be very careful as not to provide false or inaccurate information as these agencies rely on confidential sources to maintain their databases.

The person conducting the search should be able to provide the case number, the crime or offense for which the warrant was issued, the date and location on which the warrant was granted and how the warrant was signed. It is also necessary to know the reason why the person is searching for the warrant. This information will help the attorney understand the specifics of the case and be able to fully defend the client.

The search can be done in person or online. However, to conduct an electronic search, one must meet minimal eligibility requirements. For instance, if the person is in jail, cannot go home or be unable to meet the other eligibility requirements, then he or she will be required to have a signed statement from a doctor stating that they have a physical disability that prohibits them from completing a search online or from completing a paper search. The same requirement also applies if the person is on supervised probation or parole. If the person has a history of violence or is mentally ill, he or she may also be required to have a signed statement from a psychiatrist or psychologist.

If there are any other requirements, then they must be met as well. For instance, if the person wants to look up his or her own warrant, he or she must have a name, full address and court where the warrant was issued. Searching a person’s work history can also be very difficult. Therefore, this information must be provided by the person himself or herself. However, if an agency is conducting the search, then they must inform the person if his or her records are being obtained.

Warrant records are considered public information, even if the person has not been arrested or convicted of a crime. But, one may still be concerned about his or her personal records and the privacy rights that he or she may have. For instance, one may be interested in looking up a person’s social security number in order to verify the person’s identity. However, one cannot conduct a general social security number check as that would require too much data about an individual and he or she could also just as easily be accused of criminalities.

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