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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(696)Sherburne County Police Departments
Becker Police Department12060 Sherburne AvenueBeckerMN55308763-261-4300
Sherburne County Police Departments
Big Lake Police Department121 Lake Street NorthBig LakeMN55309763-263-2500
Elk River Police Department13077 Orono Parkway NorthwestElk RiverMN55330763-635-1200
Sherburne County Sheriff Departments
Sherburne County Sheriff's Office13880 Business Center Drive NorthwestElk RiverMN55330763-765-3500
Sherburne County Sheriffs Department / Sherburne County Jail13880 Business Center Drive NorthwestElk RiverMN55330763-241-4500
Sherburne County Probation Department
Sherburne County Probation Department13880 Business Center Drive NorthwestElk RiverMN55330763-765-4550
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How to Search For Warrant Records in Sherburne County, Minnesota

If you have an individual in custody and suspect that they may be facing criminal charges, you can obtain arrest warrants from the Sherburne County courthouse. A warrant is an official order that states that a person is hereby arrested and taken to the county jail. This gives police officials enough legal authority to take the individual into custody without waiting for the results of a formal arrest warrant. Warrant records contain this information for the protection of the public.

Anyone holding a valid public license in Sherburne County may be arrested for any number of reasons. Warrant records allow law enforcement officials to track the whereabouts of any person. By searching through the arrest warrant database, anyone who holds a valid license can be located. This will enable authorities to locate the person quickly and ensure their safety.

A warrant records search in Sherburne County will give police officials a record of the person’s booking information. It will also provide other information such as a person’s address history. If the person has any prior arrests or convictions, this will also be listed. This helps law officials locate someone quickly if it is thought that they may be involved in any criminal activity. The peace of mind that these types of records provide can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your family and business safe.

Warrant records are maintained by the Sherburne County Records Division. This part of the government agency processes hundreds of requests a day for criminal and warrant records. You can choose to search from a large database or search by person, date of birth, social security number, or any other category. These records are more efficient and accurate than what law enforcement used to provide to local law enforcement agencies.

When performing a search for warrant records in Sherburne County, a person should use the internet to their advantage. You will be able to find an up to date database that contains a persons full name, present and previous addresses, contact information, warrant searches, and much more. When searching for any record, it is important to have the correct information. If you do not have all the correct data, then you will not get the correct results.

If you would like to perform a criminal record search, then there are many online companies who allow you to access their massive database. This database will give you the most up to date information available on any individual in Sherburne County, Minnesota. These online companies will charge a small fee for each search but it will be worth it in the long run.

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