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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(631)Morrison County Police Departments
Little Falls Police Department207 1st Street NortheastLittle FallsMN56345320-616-5570
Morrison County Police Departments
Motley Police Department316 U.s. 10MotleyMN56466218-352-6370
Pierz Police Department101 Main Street NorthPierzMN56364320-468-0299
Randall Police Department501 Pacific AvenueRandallMN56475320-749-2159
Royalton Police Department12 North Birch StreetRoyaltonMN56373320-584-5900
Morrison County Sheriff Department
Morrison County Jail / Morrison County Sheriffs Department213 1st Avenue SoutheastLittle FallsMN56345320-632-2673
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Little Falls Police Department Website
Morrison County Child Support Warrants
Morrison County Criminal Records
Morrison County Jail Records
Morrison County Pistol Permits & Gun Licenses
Morrison County Sex Offender Registry
Morrison County Website (Minnesota)

The Basics Of Warrant Records In Morrison County, Minnesota

Warrants are one of the most important records a law enforcement agency needs. They allow an investigator to search out and learn more about a person they are investigating. In many cases the warrant will be related to an outstanding arrest warrant for the person that is being investigated. An outstanding arrest warrant will mean that the person the investigator is searching for has been arrested and is wanted on another charge.

There are many reasons an investigator may need to search for information on a person’s record. For example, if they have reason to believe that a person is performing activities that are prohibited by law. This could be for things such as prostitution, selling drugs or even possessing weapons. If these activities are not occurring in the county the police department will normally have these records available. However, if the person is living in the county the warrant will usually be contained in the jurisdiction’s records and police department.

Warrant records will also contain information on any traffic violations that may have occurred. This may include reckless driving, drug possession or other serious crimes. This type of information may help law enforcement officials arrest a person involved in criminal activity. This is especially true if the violation happened while the person was operating a vehicle in another county.

If a person fails to appear in court when required they can face criminal charges. When a warrant is issued for a person it becomes a matter of public record. Anyone can search for warrants online. With an online search you can learn all kinds of information about people who have warrants. Some of the data you may obtain includes the person’s full name, current address, police record if any, and their status as a warrantee.

If you are being investigated for any reason, it is important to find out all about any criminal background records that you may be able to access. Warrant records are considered part of the public domain and you may be able to learn some information about a person’s history by requesting these records. You can search for warrants online. Some sites will give you basic information about the person’s name and current address. Others sites may even provide access to their complete past and present criminal history. To learn more about people’s warrants and what information they might contain please visit the official website of the county where the person resides.

These types of records are available to anyone who requests them. To get a copy of a person’s criminal records you can visit your local police department. Depending on the jurisdiction of your police department, you will have different options for obtaining these records. In some jurisdictions you can order these records online. If you have any questions about obtaining these records, there are online links to contact the courthouse where the person has been charged.

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