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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(628)McLeod County Police Departments
Brownton Police Department528 2nd Street NorthBrowntonMN55312320-328-5226
McLeod County Police Departments
Glencoe Police Administration630 10th Street EastGlencoeMN55336320-864-5171
Glencoe Police Department911 Greeley Avenue NorthGlencoeMN55336320-864-5171
Hutchinson Police Department10 Franklin Street SouthwestHutchinsonMN55350320-587-2242
Lester Prairie Police Department36 Juniper Street NorthLester PrairieMN55354320-395-2100
Silver Lake Police Department308 Main Street WestSilver LakeMN55381320-327-0108
Stewart Police Department551 Prior StreetStewartMN55385320-562-2133
Winsted Police Department183 Main Avenue WestWinstedMN55395320-485-2600
Winsted Police Department183 Main Street WestSilver LakeMN55381
McLeod County Sheriff Department
Mcleod County Sheriffs Department / Mcleod County Jail801 10th Street EastGlencoeMN55336320-864-1350
McLeod County Probation Department
Mcleod County Probation Department830 11th Street EastGlencoeMN55336320-864-1266
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How to Look Up People’s Warrant Records

What are warrants? Warrant records are legal documents that allow law enforcement officers to arrest and detain people for criminal acts. In McLeod County, one type of criminal act is eavesdropping or monitoring.

An “arrest warrant” is when a police officer has obtained a warrant for an individual’s arrest. The warrant will specify the crime that the person is suspected of committing. If the suspect does not show up at their court date for the scheduled hearing, the arresting officer can enter into the person’s home and seize any evidence that they think is related to the person’s arrest. It’s important to understand that warrants are not the same as arrest warrants, which are different types of legal documents that give police officers permission to enter private residential areas. Arrest warrants are only valid for specific acts, such as first-degree burglary or second-degree assault.

When a person is arrested, they’re given a notice of criminal charges. This notice states the person is being charged with a crime, including their probable cause that they committed the crime. After reviewing the case, the judge may issue a warrant for the person’s arrest. They will be carried out if the person fails to show up for their court date. The name of the person who was arrested will appear on the court docket as the person’s warrant.

When a warrant is carried out, it remains in the jurisdiction of the county where the warrant was issued. However, the records are public record and anyone can access them. You can go online to search for a person’s criminal records. However, searching for these records without knowing the person’s full name can be tricky. This is because in some states, including Minnesota, sex offenders are not required to give their real names when applying for a new job.

There are a few reasons why you would want to know a person’s full name. You might want to hire someone and want to know their background. You could have an employee who is repeatedly late for work and you want to prevent him or her from stealing. Also, you may want to check up on your own family members. And even if you don’t need them, you still want to make sure that your children are safe.

Warrant searches in Minnesota are typically conducted by the arresting officer, although sometimes an attorney can perform the search. Criminal records in Minnesota are more limited than in other states because only the name of the person who has been accused of a crime is necessary for a warrant to be searched. If a person’s name is blank or if the crime is not charged, the warrant will still show up on their record. If you have a person’s name and you think that they may be involved in a criminal activity, you can run a criminal search online to see if they have a warrant.

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