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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(394)Clay County Police Departments
Barnesville Police Department101 Front Street SouthBarnesvilleMN56514218-354-2281
Clay County Police Departments
Dilworth Police Department500 Center Avenue WestDilworthMN56529218-287-2666
Glyndon Police Department218 Parke Avenue SouthGlyndonMN56547218-498-2727
Hawley Police Department319 6th StreetHawleyMN56549218-483-4666
Moorhead Police Department915 9th Avenue NorthMoorheadMN56560
Clay County Sheriff Department
Clay County Sheriffs Department / Clay County Jail915 9th Avenue NorthMoorheadMN56560218-299-5150
Clay County Probation Departments
Clay County Probation Department919 8th Avenue NorthMoorheadMN56560218-299-5052
Grant County Probation Department919 8th Avenue NorthMoorheadMN56560218-304-3001
Stevens County Probation Department919 8th Avenue NorthMoorheadMN56560218-304-3001
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How You Can Search For Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Clay County, Minnesota are maintained by the county sheriff. These records provide information such as the person’s name, date of birth, social security number, any criminal convictions, any outstanding warrants (fines or warrants for arrest that have been forwarded), names of spouse and current address. Warrant records are available to the public through the court. There is a fee for access to this information.

Warrant records are one of the most requested documents by many people. It’s more common for someone to need this information then they realise, especially if the person had an unfortunate run in with the law. These records will help you learn if your spouse is cheating on you, or who has been arrested for Domestic Violence. Also if you have new neighbours recently it is useful to know their details as well as their address so you can let them know how to contact you in the future.

In order to find out more about warrant records in Clay County, Minnesota you can first start by going to the court house. A lot of courthouses hold the records of warrants that were served against a person. The courthouses can be found in the yellow pages of your telephone book. If the person has been convicted of a crime, then the records can also be found in the local newspaper.

The fee that is required to access the information is not too expensive. For about $2.00 you can search for information about a person’s record and whether they have a warrant out for their arrest. The information is usually very limited and is only there to give you an idea of what the person has been charged with. The record does not contain any personal information such as a full name, phone number, or date of birth.

You may ask why you need to do this and how much information it will provide you with. Warrant records can help give you insight into the activities that a person is involved in and if they have committed any crimes. It can also show you how close the person lives to you. In addition to this, the records are maintained by the county in which the person lives. This means that you can get the information from the comfort of your own home, whenever you want.

If you have any suspicions of a person’s activities, then you should make sure that you find out the details from the person’s warrant records. By searching for the information yourself, you can see if there are any red flags that would lead you to suspect your neighbor or co-worker. In addition to this, you can also get more information on your child’s teacher if you want to investigate their history further. It is possible to find out anyone’s private information using public records, however, if you don’t have time to spend looking up a person’s name, then you can always hire an investigative service to do the work for you.

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