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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(719)Montcalm County Police Departments
Carson City Police Department123 East Main StreetCarsonMI48811989-584-3515
Montcalm County Police Departments
Edmore Police Department300 West Main StreetEdmoreMI48829989-427-3220
Edmore Police Department209 Sheldon StreetEdmoreMI48829989-427-3600
Greenville Department Of Public Safety415 South Lafayette StreetGreenvilleMI48838616-754-9161
Home Township Police Department1251 East Howard City-EdmoreEdmoreMI48829989-427-3220
Howard City Police Department125 East Shaw StreetHoward CityMI49329231-937-4311
Lakeview Police Department315 South Lincoln AvenueLakeviewMI48850989-352-6211
Mecosta County Sheriff Department225 South Camburn StreetStantonMI48888231-592-0150
Michigan State Police District 6 Post 67 - Lakeview10300 West Howard City-EdmoreLakeviewMI48850989-352-8444
Stanton Police Department225 South Camburn StreetStantonMI48888989-831-4440
Montcalm County Sheriff Department
Montcalm County Sheriffs Office / Montcalm County Jail659 North State StreetStantonMI48888989-831-7590
Montcalm County Probation Department
Montcalm County Probation Department627 North State StreetStantonMI48888989-831-7353
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Montcalm County Criminal Records
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What Are Warrant Records?

Warrant Records in Montcalm County, Michigan are maintained by the Montcalm County Clerk of Court. These records include a person’s criminal history, if they have one, their marriage record and birth records. Warrants are issued when there is suspicion of a person committing a crime or if there is reason to believe they might be doing so. In both cases, if there is evidence that the person was involved in the commission of the crime, then they can be arrested and prosecuted.

There are different types of warrants in the state of Michigan. Some warrant searches only need the signature of a person, while others require the signature of another person. A person can request their own warrant or they can go through a process called an “arrest warrant.” Once a warrant is applied for in the state of Michigan it remains active until it is lifted, surrendered or canceled by the courts.

There are different reasons for the issuance of warrants. For instance, there may be suspicions that a person may be involved in a crime. This could be because of a missed loan payment or other unpaid bills. Another possible reason is if a person is suspected of stealing a vehicle or interfering with business. In either case, the police may issue a warrant for the person’s arrest.

Warrant searches can also be done on someone else. If someone new moves into the neighborhood and is seen hanging around with an old friend, there may be suspicion that they are involved in the neighborhood in some way. The new neighbor may be questioned and asked to go on a lie detector test. If the person does pass the test then the Warrant will be revoked and the old friend will not be searched. However, if the person fails the test and still believes the person is being suspicious they can be arrested and held in jail until the investigation ends.

To see someone’s criminal records, a warrant will usually have to be applied for. Once this is completed, it will be stored in the appropriate offices. In most cases the warrant will show that the person has been arrested and the warrant states that they have committed a crime. Then a copy of this warrant will be given to the person whose name is on the warrant. It is important to be aware that since it is not a state court, a copy of the warrant has to be presented to a judge in order to have it properly executed.

Warrant records are considered public information and anyone can access them. These records can be used for many reasons, including checking to see if a person has an outstanding warrant for their arrest. This can help protect you, your property, and your business. If you get a search done, make sure that you get all the details so that you know what you are looking at. Some Warrant records may contain private information such as the person’s social security number.

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