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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(507)Somerset County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Somerset County Sheriffs Department30426 Sam Barnes RoadWestoverMD21871410-651-9225
Somerset County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Crisfield Police Department319 West Main StreetCrisfieldMD21817410-968-1323
Maryland State Police Barrack X - Princess Anne30581 Perry RoadPrincess AnneMD21853443-260-3700
Princess Anne Police Department11780 Beckford AvenuePrincess AnneMD21853410-651-1822
University Of Maryland Eastern Shore PoliceDean Harris CourtPrincess AnneMD21853410-651-6590
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Performing a Record Search

Warrant Records in Somerset County Maryland are considered public record and all the information within them is accessible to anyone who requests it. In fact, they are now considered part of the state’s Freedom of Information Act. All the DMC does is to maintain a registry of criminal history data that is collected from all levels of government across the state. This includes local, state and federal criminal offenses. If someone is accused of committing a crime in another state, the offender must also be charged with jurisdiction over that state, which requires the jurisdiction of a county sheriff or police department in that state. If the accused does not have one of those departments available, then he must obtain the records from the Record House of Records in Somerset County.

Anyone can request copies of warrants for their own use. However, it must be done through the correct channels and the right procedure. The right place to do this is by contacting the Record House of Records in Somerset County. You will need to provide the name of the person whose records you want to check and an email address. Within a day or two, you should be able to get the records of your choice.

You should be aware that warrant records are considered a matter of public interest. That means that you are entitled to perform a search on any person who is named on the records. You are also allowed to publicize this information if you so choose. In fact, many people who are curious about a person may opt to make a public announcement about their findings. In that case, the person who the person is named to or is accusing of a criminal offense would likely be informed of the news before the alleged offense is taken away from him.

Warrant records are public record and there are several reasons why someone may want to access them. Many times, people perform investigations of people who may be involved in criminal activity. Sometimes, people perform background checks on employees that they have doubts about. And sometimes, private investigators like to check up on the people they are dating.

A person may be accused of a crime but not aware that such a crime exists. It could be quite a stretch of the imagination to think that a person is sitting on a beach with a loaded weapon waiting for his unsuspecting victim to walk by and start shooting him. But in real life, things are much more serious than that. Warrant records allow a person to find out if their date has a criminal record and if that person has any outstanding warrants out for their arrest.

There are many ways to perform a search on a person’s warrant record. But you should know that each state has different rules attached to the provision of warrant records. So if you try to perform a search on one state’s record, it doesn’t mean that you will also be able to find out the records on another state’s record. So how do you go about searching for the records of someone? Use a professional public records search site that is linked to dozens of different state government databases.