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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(503)Kent County Police Departments
Chestertown Police Department333 South Cross StreetChestertownMD21620410-778-1800
Kent County Police Departments
Maryland State Police - Chestertown Detachment101 Dixon DriveChestertownMD21620410-778-4511
Rock Hall Police Department21292 Civic Center RoadRock HallMD21661410-639-7222
Rock Hall Police Department5585 North Main StreetRock HallMD21661410-639-7222
Upper Shore Community Mental Health Center Security300 Scheeler RoadChestertownMD21620410-778-6800
Kent County Sheriff Department
Kent County Sheriffs Office104 Vickers DriveChestertownMD21620410-778-2279
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The Importance of Searching for Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Kent County, Maryland are the files that contain all warrants and arrests made in the state. These records are maintained by the Maryland State Police and Federal Bureau of Investigation and are available to the public on request. Permission is required from the person in question before any public release of the information can be made. However, the public generally has no rights to these records other than being able to obtain them if they have a valid reason and knowing where and how to obtain them.

Warrant Records in Kent County contain information on all felony convictions as well as records of arrest for assault, disorderly conduct, murder, drug abuse, possession of drugs or trafficking drugs. People who are accused of any felony can expect their record to show this offense even if it is not charged. Criminal records are one of the most commonly searched categories of records on the internet. This is because the general public holds a vast amount of information on criminal records which they can use to obtain a person’s criminal past.

The main purpose of maintaining criminal records is to keep the public safe from sex offenders. Sex offenders are required to post a $1 million bond in order to be eligible for a state visit. Failure to post the bond could result in the offender being imprisoned and on death row. The only way to find out if a person is on death row or in prison is to have a search of the Criminal Records database. Searching the database will tell you whether the person was put to death or if they are in the state penitentiary.

If you need to obtain copies of someone else’s criminal records then you will first have to find the courts in which the person was convicted. You can do a record search online that will give you the person’s conviction record along with their sentence. Once you have this information you can contact the courthouse where the conviction took place and obtain a certified copy of the records. These records are sealed by the court and cannot be obtained by any other agency without a special license. Certified copies of these records are more reliable than an unverifiable record, but they are more expensive.

There is another option for obtaining criminal records. A private detective may be able to locate you a copy of the records that you need. However, this option can be quite expensive and you have no guarantees that the copy you receive will be accurate. The accuracy of these records is highly dependent on the skill of the person who does the search.

Warrant records are one of the most important records that you should keep on hand. These records will tell you if there is a person’s background that you are interested in. The best option is to have a professional background check performed on yourself to make sure that you are not putting yourself into danger. If you are suspicious of someone then you should have a record check performed on them before you make any moves towards hiring them.