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(2771)Whitley County Police Departments
Whitley County Jail1439 Kentucky 92WilliamsburgKY40769606-549-6013
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Corbin Police Department805 South Main StreetCorbinKY40701606-528-1122
Williamsburg Police Department116 North 2nd StreetWilliamsburgKY40769606-549-6087
Williamsburg Police Department845 Highway 25WilliamsburgKY40769606-549-6087
Whitley County Sheriff Department
Whitley County Sheriffs Department201 Main StreetWilliamsburgKY40769606-549-6006
Whitley County Probation Department
Whitley County Probation Department201 North 4th StreetWilliamsburgKY40769606-549-0940
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How Do Warrant Records Get Created?

Warrant Records in Whitley County, Kentucky are one of the most highly documented forms of public information in the entire country. These records show anything and everything that the government does in terms of an individual’s criminal activity. This includes warrant of arrests, felony charges, warrants for arrests, criminal charges, and all other court proceedings. This is a very public record which means anyone can find these records and obtain their own criminal background. These public records are available to every person who applies for a government agency such as a college or the local police department.

In Kentucky, there is no specific law or legal requirement for one to show proof of a person’s identity. A warrant does not need to be drawn up by a judge. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be a formal court order. There is simply a “court warrant” that tells someone that they need to appear in court on some specified date and that they are required to bring proof of identity with them or they face the possibility of having their warrant dismissed. That proof could simply be a copy of the person’s social security card, driver’s license, passport or any other document that shows that person’s identity.

Warrant records are kept in two different places in the state of Kentucky. The county courthouse in each county keeps a central index of warrants that have been granted or made. Anyone who is arrested can seek a copy of this record. They can also ask the clerk of court for a copy if they suspect that a warrant has been issued against them.

The central index will include all cases that were filed within the county courthouse. If someone has an outstanding arrest warrant, the clerk of court needs to be able to tell them that they should alert the police. If the person fails to do this, the court will issue an arrest warrant. This means that if the person’s name is entered into the central record database, it will show up as an arrest warrant. People who are looking for background information on an individual need to make sure that the person’s name is not on this list.

Another place where warrants are stored is the county jail. When someone is arrested in Kentucky, their arrest warrant records are kept in the jail. The jail will also keep up a criminal records database that includes warrants for people’s arrests and convictions. Anyone who is in custody can ask for these records if they need to find out about a person’s background.

Warrant records are important documents for anyone who is suspicious about someone else. If a person is being accused of a crime, they can be arrested and the warrant for their arrest may be found on their warrant record. When they are asked to give their name at the time of arrest, it is important to remember that they did not give their actual name but their name may be on their arrest record. In some circumstances, a warrant cannot be found on a person’s record until years after they have been arrested.