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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2673)Scott County Police Departments
Scott County Detention Center130 North Court StreetGeorgetownKY40324502-863-7880
Scott County Police Departments
Georgetown Police Department550 Bourbon StreetGeorgetownKY40324502-863-7826
Sadieville Police Department131 Johnson AlleySadievilleKY40370502-857-9055
Stamping Ground Police Department3376 Main StreetStamping GroundKY40379502-535-6223
Scott County Sheriff Departments
Scott County Sheriff's Office119 North Hamilton StreetGeorgetownKY40324502-863-7855
Scott County Sheriffs Office120 North Hamilton StreetGeorgetownKY40324502-863-7855
Scott County Probation Department
Scott County Probation Department101 East Main StreetGeorgetownKY40324502-863-7875
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The Basics of Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Scott County, Kentucky are among the most important public records that you can access. This information provides basic information regarding a person’s arrest and criminal history. If you are looking to buy, rent, or sell a house, you can find out if a potential renter has a criminal record, and you can even learn if someone has been convicted of domestic abuse.

Warrant Records in Kentucky include a person’s date of birth, SSN, social security number, and any other data they have provided during an interview. These records can tell you a lot about a person. For example, if you want to know if someone has ever been arrested for stealing, you can perform a search on them. You can also see if they have ever been prosecuted for a crime, and how many times. Performing a search will give you the information that you are looking for.

When performing a search, the first thing you need to do is to locate the clerk’s office where the warrants were issued. Many times, you can gain access to these records online. You can search for the name of the person, their date of birth, any criminal convictions they may have received, and more. However, be aware that because warrants are stored in different counties, they can change from time to time. It is best to check the local courthouse to see if there are any warrants listed.

Before you perform a search on a person, it is important to note that warrant records are considered public records. Therefore, you can search for them and view them in your hometown courthouse, but you cannot obtain copies of them from other states or municipalities. Another thing to keep in mind is that warrant records are reported to the local police department where the offense occurred. So, when doing a search online, make sure that the person you are searching for has actually been arrested. If not, your search could end up leading you to false information. In most cases, they will also provide you with the correct address for the person.

Although warrant records are considered public records, they can be sealed or destroyed at any time. If you are doing an online search, be aware that if you do not find the person you are searching for within the database, chances are very good that their warrant was long ago and has been disposed of. You should also keep in mind that warrants can only be sealed for a period of time and are only sealed when the person’s attorney requests the seal.

There is a lot to keep in mind if you want to find out the information about a person’s warrant. You should also be aware that since these records are considered public domain, it is possible that other people may obtain them as well. So, while you are conducting your search, make sure that you only conduct it for the purposes of checking on someone’s background. While it is legal to do so, you could be performing a criminal act yourself.