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Livingston County Sheriff's Office321 Court StreetSmithlandKY42081270-928-2122
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Livingston County Sheriffs Department351 Court StreetSmithlandKY42081270-928-2122
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How to Do a Free Criminal Records Search in Livenewood County, Kentucky

There are numerous public records available online. In Kentucky, public records are basically the official documents filed in the courts that show anything related to a person’s criminal activity or legal proceedings. In other words, records include arrest warrants, bench warrants, bail bonds, and other types of judicial documents. A warrant is an order from a judge that authorizes a law enforcement officer to do whatever is necessary to arrest a person for a specified crime. Without the availability of warrant records, it would be nearly impossible to identify the criminal activities of any individual.

Warrant records are especially useful when you want to learn more about someone you are involved with. You may suspect that your date is cheating on you, but you have no concrete proof so far. Or, maybe you have just met someone, and want to make sure they are not a sexual offender. Whatever your reasons for wanting to find out more about your date, having access to criminal activity can help you do your research accurately.

Public records are available at the local courthouse in any Kentucky county. However, obtaining these documents without a formal request is a cumbersome process. To avoid wasting your time requesting information about a person’s past, you can go online and use a paid public record search. Paid searches are fast, confidential, and are usually very comprehensive. Plus, if you know what you are looking for, you can often find what you are looking for online.

If you don’t know who the person is that you want to search, a free public record search might be your best option. This type of search can yield criminal activity, but not warrant records. You may still be able to find other information, such as address and contact information.

In order to get a hold of these types of documents, you will need to find an online company that offers these records. Using a paid service is the easiest way to do this, since you will only pay for what you need. These online companies offer criminal and warrant record searches in all counties in Kentucky, and sometimes even the federal government. They can instantly provide you with information when you perform a search, or you can choose to receive the information in a paper form. Either way, the process is simple, quick, and confidential.

If you choose to use an online service to perform a search on a person, you will most likely be given the person’s complete social security number. This type of information includes name, address, and contact information. When you need to search a person’s criminal history, you should remember that the person may have other records, such as arrests or detainment orders. A professional service that provides information on criminal activity is your best choice for learning more about a person.