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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Graymoor-Devondale Police Department1500 Lynn WayLouisvilleKY40222502-425-5862
Hollow Creek Police Department7504 Fegenbush LaneLouisvilleKY40228502-552-4787
Hurstbourne Acres Police Department1916 Hurstbourne CircleHurstbourne AcresKY40220
Indian Hills Police Department3905 Brownsboro RoadLouisvilleKY40207502-893-1375
Lincolnshire Police Department4318 Taylorsville RoadLouisvilleKY40220502-574-5471
Louisville Metro Housing Authority Safety And Investigations1611 South 13th StreetLouisvilleKY40210502-569-2376
Louisville Metro Police Department - First Division416 North 29th StreetLouisvilleKY40212502-574-7167
Louisville Metro Police Department - Fourth Division1340 South 4th StreetLouisvilleKY40208502-574-7010
Louisville Metro Police Department - Headquarters633 West Jefferson StreetLouisvilleKY40202502-574-7660
Louisville Metro Police Department - Second Division3419 Bohne AvenueLouisvilleKY40211502-574-2478
Louisville Metro Police Department - Sixth Division5600 Shepherdsville RoadLouisvilleKY40218502-574-2187
Louisville Metro Police Department Eighth Division200 Juneau DriveLouisvilleKY40243502-574-2258
Louisville Metro Police Department Fifth Division2301 Douglass BoulevardLouisvilleKY40205502-574-7636
Louisville Metro Police Department Seventh Division7201 Outer LoopLouisvilleKY40228502-574-2133
Louisville Metro Police Department Third Division7219 Dixie HighwayLouisvilleKY40258502-574-2135
Louisville Regional Airport Authority600 Terminal DriveLouisvilleKY40209502-368-6524
Lynnview Police Department1227 Gilmore LaneLouisvilleKY40213502-968-2627
Lynnview Police Department1241 Gilmore LaneLouisvilleKY40213502-968-2627
Meadow Vale Police Department9408 Blossom LaneLouisvilleKY40241
Minor Lane Heights Police Department8710 East Glenwood CircleLouisvilleKY40219502-290-5413
Northfield Police Department6401 Lime Ridge CourtLouisvilleKY40222502-426-4700
Prospect Police Department9200 U.s. 42ProspectKY40059502-228-1121
Saint Matthews Police Department3940 Grandview AvenueSt. MatthewsKY40207502-893-9000
Shively Police Department1800 Park RoadShivelyKY40216502-448-6181
Strathmoor Village Police Department2811 Bardstown RoadLouisvilleKY40205502-456-1168
University Of Louisville Police Department2126 South Floyd StreetLouisvilleKY40208502-852-6111
West Buechel Police Department3705 Bashford AvenueLouisvilleKY40218502-459-4401
Jefferson County Sheriff Department
Jefferson County Sheriffs Department531 Court PlaceLouisvilleKY40202502-574-5400
Jefferson County DEA Office
Louisville Kentucky DEA Office600 Doctor Martin Luther King Junior PlaceLouisvilleKY40202502-582-5908
Jefferson County FBI Office
Louisville Kentucky FBI Office12401 Sycamore Station PlaceLouisvilleKY40299502-240-5944
Jefferson County Probation Department
Jefferson County Probation Department2600 West BroadwayLouisvilleKY40211502-595-3405
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Jefferson County School District Security3001 Crittenden DriveLouisvilleKY40209502-485-3121
Jefferson County Police Departments
Jeffersontown City Police Department10410 Taylorsville RoadJeffersontownKY40299502-267-0503
Anchorage City Police Department11506 Park RoadLouisvilleKY40223502-245-4334
Audubon Park Police Department3340 Robin RoadLouisvilleKY40213502-637-5066
City Of Heritage Creek Police Department8700 Justice WayLouisvilleKY40229502-239-2336

Warrant Records Search

Warrant Records in Jefferson County, Kentucky are public information and can be searched. Warrant Records in Kentucky have been used for years as a method of keeping track of criminals and civil offenders. If the police suspect you of a crime, they will request that you produce a copy of your police arrest records for their files. If you are willing to do so, you should obtain one copy of your record immediately.

When the police stop you for a speeding violation or suspicion of DUI, there is no requirement for you to give them a reason for being stopped. Most drivers that are pulled over for DUI do not realize that they are legally required to give the officer a reason for their arrest. Without proper authorization from the driver, many times they are placed under arrest without the benefit of having a warrant. This can put the person into further legal trouble because many times a person does not realize that they have an outstanding warrant until it is too late.

The warrant that you will be required to produce upon your arrest contains the details of the crime that you were arrested for. This includes the name of the person who owns the warrant as well as the address of the person. Even though the warrant is out for your own arrest, the police are allowed to search you without first obtaining a warrant by searching your vehicle. They can search your automobile based on your consent or even based on the smell of your breath. This invasive of privacy can cause problems for you if you are required to go to a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program due to a drug conviction.

Warrant Records in Kentucky can be very important if you are a small business owner and want to hire new employees. Many times the employer will run a background check on any potential new employees. In Kentucky you can voluntarily submit to a background check as long as it is not a criminal record search. The employer will have the opportunity to see if the person you are interested in has ever been arrested or had a warrant out for their arrest. If you are hiring someone to work in your home, such as a nanny or in your household, you should be aware of any warrants that may exist against them.

If you are looking to buy or sell a home in Kentucky, the property or real estate market can affect your ability to purchase a home or property without having to worry about warrant searches. When you are looking at properties to purchase, the seller may ask you to get permission to check the person’s record before agreeing to purchase the property. You may also be asked to give a formal promise to not run a criminal record search on any prospective buyer. A lawyer can be a great resource for you if you are going to enter into any financial transaction that could require a search of a person’s criminal history.

Warrant Records in Kentucky are maintained by the courts and are available for public access. This is so you can have peace of mind knowing that the person you are dealing with has no prior arrests or warrants out for their arrest. You will still need to be cautious and obtain a signed promise or you could find yourself in serious legal trouble. If you are going to hire a contractor to work on your house or to take care of other properties in your home, they will need to be checked for warrants as well.