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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2446)Hopkins County Police Departments
Dawson Springs Police Department200 West Arcadia AvenueDawson SpringsKY42408270-797-2277
Hopkins County Police Departments
Earlington Police Department103 West Main StreetEarlingtonKY42410270-383-5364
Kentucky State Police - Post 21000 Western Kentucky ParkwayNortonvilleKY42442270-676-3313
Madisonville Police Department99 East Center StreetMadisonvilleKY42431270-821-1720
Mortons Gap City Clerk102 North Main StreetMortons GapKY42440270-258-5362
Mortons Gap Police Department102 South Main StreetMortons GapKY42440270-258-5362
Nortonville Police Department199 Main StreetNortonvilleKY42442270-676-3401
Hopkins County Sheriff Department
Hopkins County Sheriffs Office56 North Main StreetMadisonvilleKY42431270-821-5661
Hopkins County DEA Office
Madisonville Kentucky DEA Office190 Madison Square DriveMadisonvilleKY42431270-821-7166
Hopkins County Probation Department
Hopkins County Probation Department13 South Main StreetMadisonvilleKY42431270-824-7518
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Want to Find Out About Someone’s Warrant Records? Here’s How

Warrant Records in Hopkins County, Kentucky are basically the records which are maintained by the courts for use in a court of law. It is considered as an order of the court and it carries with it all the powers of a court order including the power to arrest and to issue writs of arrest. If the judge issues a warrant for some activity or if there is reason to suspect someone, then the police will have the authority to carry out the arrest without waiting for formal confirmation from higher officials. In this way, people who are under investigation can be easily caught in the act. Warrant records in Hopkins County, Kentucky help to build up a history of the subjects activities. In turn, this helps to protect the citizens of the county.

It is easy to get access to warrant records. There are many websites on the internet that provides this service to all its customers free of cost. To get started, all one has to do is to type in the name of the person whose warrant is needed and the website shall return with the details regarding the same. This includes the person’s date of birth, social security number, address history etc.

Besides these records, a criminal background check is also available through the websites that maintain these databases. These services enable the people to run a criminal background check on any person for any reason. From a simple criminal background check to a full fledged criminal background check. Besides these services, many companies also provide their customers with various other records such as marriage records, divorce records, birth records, place of birth and so on.

The websites maintain the warrant records in different formats. Some of these formats are available on a one time payment while others are available for free. It all depends on the customer as to what kind of information he requires. There are lots of reasons one can give for wanting to conduct a warrant records search on a particular person.

If you are employed and looking to hire a new staff member then you can perform criminal background check and get the applicant’s whereabouts. You can also verify the person’s educational qualification and if they have any criminal background. Many corporations have a list of people who have been convicted of crime and you can cross check the person’s name with this list to confirm their credibility. If there is any information regarding any of your employees then you can get it from the website. This is very useful as the information is confidential and will not be spread over the internet.

If you have a neighbor who constantly annoys you or shows some bad temper then you can use the website to get the person’s criminal background. You can even get the person’s warrant records. With the help of a warrant search you will be able to get all kinds of information about the person. Information such as marriage history, divorce history, date of birth, place of birth and so on. The person’s name, date of birth and other necessary details are available with ease.