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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2386)Hardin County Police Departments
Elizabethtown Police Department318 South Mulberry StreetElizabethtownKY42701270-765-4125
Hardin County Police Departments
Elizabethtown Police Department300 South Mulberry StreetElizabethtownKY42701270-765-4125
Franklin County Constable - Districts 2, 4, 5100 Public SquareElizabethtownKY42701270-765-5133
Kentucky State Police - Post 41055 North Mulberry StreetElizabethtownKY42701270-766-5078
Radcliff Police Department220 Freedoms WayRadcliffKY40160270-351-4479
Vine Grove Police Department300 West Main StreetVine GroveKY40175270-877-2262
West Point Police Department509 Elm StreetWest PointKY40177502-922-4135
Hardin County Sheriff Department
Hardin County Sheriffs Department100 Public SquareElizabethtownKY42701270-765-5133
Hardin County FBI Office
Elizabethtown Kentucky FBI Office617 North Mulberry StreetElizabethtownKY42701270-765-7213
Hardin County Probation Department
Hardin County Probation Department207 South Mulberry StreetElizabethtownKY42701270-766-5074
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Warrant Records Are Important To Protect Your Rights

Warrant Records in Hardin County, Kentucky are maintained for all arrests that were conducted by the police. Anyone can request to have their warrant records searched through the Hardin County clerk of court. To do this, they will need to fill out an application stating all of the applicable information about the person they want to search. Once this is done the clerk of court will perform a search of their records and present the results. If there is a match between the two names, then this can be proof that the person in question has been arrested on a criminal charge.

It is also important to note that these searches are only available for people who are in public records. Therefore, if a person has a name that has been included in the Kentucky State Police’s database as a sex offender, then this name will not be allowed to be used to obtain a copy of the person’s warrant records. Performing a search for this type of criminal record will require an application and payment of a nominal fee.

These types of criminal records are necessary because they allow a person to check up on someone they feel might be engaging in criminal activities. For example, if a person has a babysitter providing care for their children and that person is doing drugs on site, then the babysitter can be charged with drug possession. By having a criminal background check on them, they can ensure their safety and the safety of their children.

By obtaining a person’s criminal records, you can obtain a detailed history on them. This means that if you are thinking about hiring someone to care for your children, you can get references from previous jobs. This way you will know whether or not the person that you are considering to hire has a clean criminal past. You can also use these records to help determine whether or not you should allow someone into your home.

Warrant records are one of the most requested types of records. These documents show a person’s arrest record. This includes when, where and for how long the person was arrested, and for how many times. It can also show various violations that were committed.

By going through the right legal channels, you can have access to this type of criminal record without much trouble at all. In most cases, if a person has a warrant out for their arrest, they cannot just ignore it. If they are able to avoid arrest, then they can avoid any other charges that are filed against them as well. However, if a warrant is issued, then it is important to go to the courthouse and get the record. This will let you know if there are outstanding warrants out for your arrest.