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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2381)Graves County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Graves County Sheriffs Office101 East South StreetMayfieldKY42066270-247-4501
Graves County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Kentucky State Police - Post 18366 U.s. 45HickoryKY42051270-856-3721
Mayfield Police Department211 East Broadway StreetMayfieldKY42066270-247-1981
Mayfield Police Department215 East BroadwayMayfieldKY42066270-247-1981
Wingo Police Department9606 U.s. 45WingoKY42088270-376-2186
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How Can I Check Out Warrants?

What are warrants? A warrant is a court order that allows for an arrested person or other specified person to be taken into custody without the requirement of showing cause. Warrants can be issued based on a variety of reasons such as missing money, unpaid child support, tax evasion or for committing a crime. Warrants can also be issued if there is suspicion of an applicant having committed fraud or theft. Any person can get a warrant and it does not require proving the person is guilty to get one.

What are the records available regarding a person’s arrest? They are listed in the Kentucky State Registry of Criminal Records. Anyone who is interested in checking up on a person’s criminal background can request the records from the Graves County Court. You will need to contact the Court directly to get these records. Graves County will have their website and can provide information regarding their warrant database. Once you find the website, you will need to fill out the form they provide and then pay a fee before you can gain access to their public records.

Where can I check up on a person’s criminal history? You can go online and search for local criminal records in Graves County. There are many websites that allow you to do an online background check. The information you will receive will include a persons name, current address, court date, felony charges, bankruptcy information and more.

What are some of the risks when accessing these records? You should never give personal information such as your Social Security Number or date of birth to any company. If the website does not ask for these things you should consider going elsewhere to access the information you are requesting. Be sure you read the privacy policy for each website before giving them any information about yourself. If you feel uncomfortable about giving them this information you should find another website to use.

How can I find out if a person has a record? You can request a copy of a persons criminal history from the courthouse in Graves County by contacting the court clerk. You can also obtain a copy from the National Crime Information Center. This is a database that is available to all US residents. You can get a persons full name, birth date, place of birth, social security number, warrant of arrests, aliases, marriage information, divorce information and more.

Who else may need access to these records? If you are doing research into criminal records of a person for professional reasons such as looking for potential employees you may want to access these records to verify the information you received. In addition you may be able to use these records to help you avoid hiring someone with a criminal past. These records are a great way to ensure that the person you are dating is honest and not a sexual offender. The courts in Graves County have allowed access to these records since 2021.