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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2376)Franklin County Police Departments
Franklin County Constable - Precinct 6190 Mount Zion RoadFrankfortKY40601502-545-0671
Franklin County Police Departments
Frankfort Police Department308 West 2nd StreetFrankfortKY40601502-875-8523
Frankfort Police Department300 West 2nd StreetFrankfortKY40601502-875-8523
Kentucky Alcoholic Beverage Control Law Enforcement1003 Twilight TrailFrankfortKY40601502-564-4850
Kentucky Division Of Animal Health - Field Enforcement100 Fair Oaks LaneFrankfortKY40601
Kentucky State Police - Frankfort1250 Louisville RoadFrankfortKY40601502-227-2221
Kentucky State University Police400 East Main StreetFrankfortKY40601502-597-6875
Franklin County Sheriff Departments
Franklin County Sheriff's Office669 Chamberlin AvenueFrankfortKY40601502-875-8740
Franklin County Sheriffs Department224 Saint Clair StreetFrankfortKY40601502-875-8740
Franklin County FBI Office
Frankfort Kentucky FBI Office330 West Broadway StreetFrankfortKY40601502-223-3644
Franklin County Probation Departments
Franklin County Probation Department2439 Lawrenceburg RoadFrankfortKY40601502-564-6613
Anderson County Probation Department2439 Lawrenceburg RoadFrankfortKY40601502-564-6613
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Warrant Records – Information You Should Know About Them

One of the most important documents when it comes to proving guilt or innocence in a criminal trial is the Searchwarrant. These are legal documents that allow law enforcement to find criminal activity that may have occurred in the area. For example, if there is a person that is accused of murder and arrested, then the suspect can be placed in jail while the investigation takes place. If there is sufficient evidence that will prove the person committed the crime, then the warrants will be issued and they will be able to be searched by any member of law enforcement that is located in the county where the suspect was arrested.

While warrants are not the same as criminal records, there are some similarities. They will generally contain the names of the persons accused of the commission of the acts under investigation. It will also provide some indication of the severity of the charges that were brought against them. In some instances, these records may also show the criminal acts of the accused while in custody. This information is available from the courthouse that issued the warrant. In other cases, the warrant can be obtained directly from the court that put the person in jail.

Performing a search of public records will give you some information about the person who was arrested for the warrant. You may be able to see where they were convicted, if they have been in jail, or if they have had their bail bondsman registered with the court. In some cases, you will even be able to view their public records online. These include marriage and divorce records, court records, and anything else that might be related to their conviction.

Warrant searches are usually done immediately after criminal activity has been reported. This means that someone has committed a crime and their associates have not. If you are doing an innocent search so that you do not have to worry about someone else’s criminal activity, then you will want to use an online service that will give you this information as soon as possible. This will save you time and money in the long run. In some cases, you will find that there is limited information available because the person who committed the criminal activity is still at large.

Criminal records are a lot more detailed than many people think. Not only are the details on the criminal activity detailed, but arrest records and other warrants that have been issued against a person are also detailed. You will be able to search for these records by using a simple online form. Most sites allow you to search multiple states, if you would like.

If you are looking to hire a private detective or an investigator to look into your children’s school records, internet records, or any other type of criminal activity, you should be aware that there are warrant records for that person. Searching for any of these public records should be done as soon as you can after you become aware that a person may have committed a crime. There are even times when you will want to have access to a persons criminal history so that you can be sure that your new significant other is not cheating on you. The bottom line is that you do not know everything about everyone that surrounds you. So, always remember that it is better to be safe than sorry!