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Everything About Warrant Records Is Revealed

A record of a person’s arrest or warrant for arrest can be found in Clinton County, Kentucky. A warrant is a legal term that describes any arrest that hasn’t been tried and doesn’t have any criminal charges filed against the person. As soon as a warrant is issued, it remains active until a court orders its cancellation. A person can be arrested for suspicion of crime whether they are actually guilty or not. warrants are kept in a county’s records for up to seven years, depending on the nature and scope of the case.

Arrest warrants can be obtained from the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office by requesting an application through their website. The entire process can take less than one day, and only requires an applicant’s name and birth date. A copy of the application, along with the court’s order granting the arrest, will then be provided to the person. Once the paperwork is received, the applicant can immediately make arrangements for court dates. Their name will become public record, making it easier for police to find them should they need to again identify a person they are investigating. In some instances, charges are still pending against the individual even while they are on police radar.

The court will typically issue an arrest warrant if they believe a person is committing a crime even though the person hasn’t actually been charged with a crime yet. This is usually referred to as an ex parte order. This means that the arrest was made secretly without the knowledge of the person accused of the offense. It is typically used when a person has been arrested for suspicion of a sex offense such as soliciting a minor for sexual activity or for committing pornography charges.

When a person is pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving, they will most likely be placed under a Breath Test, although they can also be required to submit to a blood or urine test. If these tests are positive, then the court will issue a warrant for the person’s arrest. A warrant is a formal order that is issued by a judge based on information presented by a law enforcement officer during the course of an arrest. The person listed on the warrant must be served with a court date within a certain amount of time after issuance. In some states, a warrant can only be held for a specific period of time if it is revoked by court order.

Warrant records contain a lot of personal information about a person. Any criminal convictions that the person may have had are listed. Any other traffic citations that the person may have been issued are also included. Records also show if the person has any outstanding warrants out for their arrest. This information can sometimes be the only piece of information available on a person’s arrest record.

People are often surprised to find out that warrant records exist and that they are able to access them from an online database. Warrant records online give people peace of mind because they know that the people they are searching for are legitimate, certified copies of warrants. This helps people feel confident that the people they are dealing with are who they say they are, and not someone who is pulling a fast one on them.