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Wichita County Sheriffs Department411 South 4th StreetLeotiKS67861620-375-2723
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What Are Warrant Records?

Warrant Records are one of the most requested public records by people all over the world. This is because warrants can be used as legal documents that will let authorities and law enforcement officials have access to a person’s arrest record. Warrants are actually issued by judges and not by police officers. If you are wanted by law enforcement, then you will be booked under a warrant. And when this happens, the person’s rights would be violated.

Warrant records contain information on an individual who has been arrested. Arrest records are considered public records since they have information about an individual’s arrest. Warrant records can also show other information such as the person’s date of birth and his real name. Aside from this, it can also show other public records such as financial and court records, which are usually not accessible to the public unless they were requested by the person in question.

What are the purposes for which a warrant is issued? There are different purposes for which warrants are used. First, if a person is accused of a crime, then he can be arrested and held in jail without any access to the public. If a person is suspected of doing something illegal while he is on probation, then he can be forced to give up his probation. Warrant records can reveal details on all of these.

How are warrants issued? Once a warrant is legally found, it can only be later revoked. However, if a person does not follow the terms of his probation, then he can still be arrested again. He can also be subjected to a warrant search.

Does a person have to personally go through warrant records before getting his copy? No, in fact, there is a process that can help a person get his record more quickly. This is called the ‘judgment of repossession’ process. If a person fails to deliver his judgment to the lender within a certain time, then his property will be repossessed.

Do not worry if you are the one who is behind the records. You do not have to face any penalties for this as long as you are the one who requested the records. You can also request for an electronic version of your records. This is easier to access and to keep track of. This also saves time because you do not have to physically go to the courthouse or to the offices of the courts.