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Hodgeman County Sheriffs Office / Hodgeman County Jail500 Main StreetJetmoreKS67854620-357-8391
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Warrant Records – The Hidden Facts

Warrant Records in Hodgeman County, Kansas consist of all public records of warrants or court orders issued by local, state, or federal courts within the jurisdiction of Hodgeman County. Warrant records include all warrants or court orders that have been classified as “warrants of arrests” and all subsequent court proceedings regarding these warrants. These records also contain records of outstanding warrants, which are arrests or searches for someone who has failed to appear at a scheduled court date. There are also arrest warrants for narcotic offenses, failure to appear in court, or other specified crimes. Warrant records are also filed by law enforcement agencies when the person of interest has been arrested or pursued an investigation involving criminal activity within the jurisdiction of Hodgeman County.

In addition, these records list the person’s address, name, date of birth, social security number, and driver’s license number. The record also shows the person’s employment history and any complaints lodged against the person. Information in the database includes the person’s place of employment, any places where the person has worked previously, and the agency from which the person works. Warrant records can also be accessed via the Internet. This type of search requires the submission of the person’s name, date of birth, social security number, and place of employment in order to retrieve records.

When conducting a search to find out more about a person, it is helpful to know whether a criminal record is available. A person can be charged with a crime even if they may not have been convicted. If there is an active warrant out for your person’s arrest, it will appear on his or her warrant for arrest and criminal record. This criminal record will be available to any police authority upon request.

Warrant records and criminal files can sometimes be difficult to locate because some jurisdictions restrict access to these files. You can go to the county courthouse in the county where the person was charged or the police department. Most criminal activity occurs within counties that contain portions that are judicial. Therefore, local courts house these documents. You can usually find public criminal background information for certain classes of people such as sex offenders and those who have been convicted of misdemeanors.

When you attempt to obtain a record for a person, you may be asked to pay a nominal fee. There is typically a minimal period of time during which the warrant will be active and in force. It is then available for an arrest and subsequent prosecution by the State or County authorities. You should be aware that a criminal record does not disappear, even if it has been purged.

In most instances, you can be arrested and held without bail while you await trial if you fail to show up at court when needed. This is due to failure to comply with a warrant. Without access to proper warrant records, you may face serious problems including prolonged detainment in jail while awaiting trial. There are times, however, when a person can be arrested for outstanding warrants even though they may not have one. In these cases, the person has committed a crime and needs to be brought to justice.