Butler County Kansas Arrest Warrant Criminal Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2285)Butler County Police Departments
Kansas Highway Patrol Troop F - Butler4800 West Beech DriveAugustaKS67010316-733-8213
Butler County Police Departments
Andover City Police Department931 North Andover RoadAndoverKS67002316-733-5177
Andover Police Department909 North Andover RoadAndoverKS67002316-733-5177
Augusta Department Of Safety2100 Ohio StreetAugustaKS67010316-775-4500
Benton Police Department154 South Main StreetBentonKS67017316-778-1818
Blue Stem United School District 205 Police Department500 Bluestem DriveLeonKS67074316-742-3281
Circle United School District 375 Police Department905 Main StreetTowandaKS67144316-321-1557
Douglass United School District 396 Police Department910 East 1st StreetDouglassKS67039316-747-3310
El Dorado Correctional Facility1737 U.s. 54El DoradoKS67042316-321-7284
El Dorado Police Department128 North Vine StreetEl DoradoKS67042316-321-9120
Leon Police Department111 South Main StreetLeonKS67074316-742-3438
Rose Hill City Police Department304 North Rose Hill RoadRose HillKS67133316-776-0191
Rose Hill Police Department125 West Rosewood StreetRose HillKS67133316-776-0191
Towanda Police Department110 North 3rd StreetTowandaKS67144316-536-2516
Towanda Police Department114 North 3rd StreetTowandaKS67144316-536-2516
Butler County Sheriff Department
Butler County Sheriffs Office141 South Gordy StreetEl DoradoKS67042316-322-4254
Butler County Probation Department
Butler County Probation Department201 West Pine AvenueEl DoradoKS67042316-322-4153
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How to Search For Warrant Records Online

Warrant Records are records that give the legal authority for a court to issue a warrant for a crime. If a person were to commit a crime, authorities can take the person into custody and have them lie to the court stating they were not at the scene of the crime. If the person is caught lying they could face jail time. There are two different types of warrants that are reported to the courts. These are civil and criminal.

A civil warrant is one that is filed by a neutral third party such as a clerk. The clerk gives the court permission to look up the person’s records and find the warrant. A criminal warrant is a warrant that is issued by a judge to law enforcement officials for the person’s arrest. The person’s crime will be reported to the local police so they can execute an arrest warrant for the person.

The records can be very important for people when it comes to employment. An employer needs to know if a person has a criminal record or if they have been convicted of a crime. Also employers need to know if the person has any outstanding arrest warrants out for their arrest. They should also know the current status of their prospective employees license.

Searching through warrant records can be done online. You can do a criminal record check for free or get the person’s address and contact number. This is important if the person is about to work for someone and is arrested. You also need this information if a person you are dating wants to hire you to work for them. You don’t want to hire someone with a criminal record and then get yourself in trouble.

There is a cost to getting these records. First you must go to the court house where the person got the warrant and file a request. Next you must pay a small fee to the court house for the records. After you pay the fee the records are mailed to you. If you are unable to find the person’s record through this method then you may need to go to the police department to get the records.

If you are still having trouble finding the person’s record then you may need to use an alternative method. You can use a service that specializes in doing background checks on people. These services will charge a small fee to you but they will in a quick manner get you the criminal record you need on any person. If you are using this option then make sure you use one of the better services out there.