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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(3039)Woodbury County Police Departments
Anthon Police Department301 East Main StreetAnthonIA51004712-373-5481
Woodbury County Police Departments
Correctionville Police Department312 Driftwood StreetCorrectionvilleIA51016712-372-4791
Moville Police Department21 Main StreetMovilleIA51039
Sergeant Bluff Police Department309 5th StreetSergeant BluffIA51054712-943-9603
Sioux City Police Department601 Douglas StreetSiouxIA51101712-279-6353
Sloan City Police Department428 Evans StreetSloanIA51055712-428-3314
Woodbury County Sheriff Departments
Woodbury County Sheriffs Department - Climbing Hill Substation121 Deer Run TrailHornickIA51026712-279-6010
Woodbury County Sheriffs Department/ Woodbury County Jail407 7th StreetSiouxIA51101712-279-6010
Woodbury County DEA Office
Sioux City Iowa DEA Office2600 Voyager AveSiouxIA51111712-255-9128
Woodbury County FBI Offices
Sioux City Iowa FBI Office501 Pierce StreetSiouxIA51101712-258-1920
Sioux City Iowa FBI Office320 6th StreetSiouxIA51101712-258-1920
Woodbury County Probation Department
Woodbury County Probation Department822 Douglas StreetSiouxIA51101712-279-6586
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Warrant Records Are a Must Have for Everyone

The general public can access public warrant records from the county courthouse of Woodbury County in Iowa. These records contain all warrants issued in the county and have the names of the persons to whom they have been granted, as well as their addresses, descriptions and issuance dates. These records are confidential and cannot be obtained without the written permission of the county. Permission can be applied for by contacting the concerned office or by going online. The fastest and most convenient way of obtaining these records is through searching on the internet. It is important to note that these records are considered public domain and can be freely used by anyone.

Before a warrant can be applied for it has to be named. A name can be given with a fictitious name if needed, or names can be typed without spaces. The name of the person to whom the warrant is targeted can also be included during application. A typical warrant named in this manner would be for suspicion of murder, for assault with a deadly weapon or for committing first degree burglary.

Warrant warrants can be issued for a variety of reasons. Some warrants are related to criminal offenses. For example, if a person suspected another person of vagrancy or any other crime, they can apply to have a warrant issued naming them as suspect. In some cases, a person can be targeted for suspicion of assisting a criminal organization. This can occur when a person assists a thief or cooperates with a criminal by providing information.

Warrant warrants can also be filed against a person who fails to appear at court as required. If a person fails to show up for a scheduled court date, it is possible to have an arrest warrant issued. In some states an arrest warrant can be issued after a person fails to appear at a scheduled court date. It is important to remember that these warrants are considered public records. If a person does not want the record in the public eye, it is possible to request that the warrant be sealed.

Warrant records can also be useful when hiring a contractor. A good contractor will make sure they have a clean background. If they have a criminal record, there are chances they won’t do as they are instructed. In addition, a person with a criminal record may not be trustworthy, and hiring them could put the person’s family in danger. A good contractor would also perform background checks on all employees.

Warrant records are basically a person’s responsibility. If a person fails to obey the law, there is a chance the law will catch up with them. When looking at someone’s warrant records, it is important to look at their name and their case number. This will tell you if they have ever been arrested or have been convicted of a crime. The person’s name should also appear on the records as well as their crime. If these pieces of information match what the warrant says, then you know the person has been served with a warrant.