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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2940)Muscatine County Police Departments
Muscatine Police Department312 East 5th StreetMuscatineIA52761563-263-9922
Muscatine County Police Departments
West Liberty Police Department409 North Calhoun StreetWest LibertyIA52776319-627-2223
Wilton Police Department104 East 4th StreetWiltonIA52778563-732-2311
Muscatine County Sheriff Departments
Muscatine County Sheriff's Office400 Walnut StreetMuscatineIA52761563-263-6055
Muscatine County Sheriffs Department3600 Park Avenue WestMuscatineIA52761563-263-6055
Muscatine County Probation Department
Muscatine County Probation Department401 East 3rd StreetMuscatineIA52761563-263-7741
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Performing a Warrant Records Search

Warrant Records in Muscatine County are kept by the courts of this county. Anytime someone is arrested for any crime, their name will appear on a court warrant. This is called a “warrant.” In the state of Iowa, these warrants are stored electronically in the county jail. You can get copies of these at the clerk’s office or through the internet. There are some states that require you to apply for an application form online.

A warrant can be filed against a person if there is suspicion that the person is involved in criminal activity. The warrant will show that a person has been charged with a crime and there is probable cause that he committed the crime. If there is not sufficient evidence to file charges against the person, then a warrant will be issued. Once the warrant is issued, it will be legal proof that the person committed the crime. Therefore, it can be used as evidence in court.

People can perform a search of a person’s criminal record to see if he has a warrant out for his arrest. A search can be done using different methods. A warrant search can be performed online, by contacting the local police station or by going to the county courthouse.

When performing a search by calling the local police department, you will have to first give them the person’s name and address. Next, you can give them permission to search your record for a warrant. Most departments allow you to do this without cost. However, this might be restricted based on what type of records you are searching for.

By contacting the courthouse, you will also be able to obtain copies of any other criminal records that the person may have. These records include traffic violations, arrests, misdemeanors and felonies. These can all be found in the county records database. If the person you are searching for has a social security number, then you will need to contact the Social Security Administration. By doing a regular background check, it is possible to see if the person you are investigating has a criminal past.

The most convenient way to do a criminal background check is to go online. There are many sites where you can perform a background check. By entering the person’s name and adding in any specific city or county, you will be able to see if there is a warrant out for their arrest. It is important to note that you should not allow someone to contact you. If the person keeps calling you or sending you emails asking you to meet with them, you should consider reporting the person to the local police department because they may have a criminal record.